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DAN, what is it? and why do I want it?

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#16 gatravelgirl


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Posted 27 August 2011 - 11:43 AM

What is the difference between DAN and DiveAssure? I've noticed that some people purchase both. In the past I've had DAN for the diver related for example Decompression Chamber and purchased separate travel insurance for cancellation for all reasons.


#17 Scubatooth


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Posted 27 August 2011 - 02:12 PM

Before i got to deep: Disclaimer: I am not a DAN Employee, but I am a past DAN Research Intern, and believe in its mission and continue to support it in many ways.

DAN is alot more then then insurance end of things, they do lots of education and research in the physics, physiology and psychology of diving and divers, there is alot the hot line where you can call in with questions and get them answered by some of the best minds in dive medicine on the planet (IE Marty McCaferty, Dan Nord, Dr Petar Denoble and many more). Annually i get my moneys worth in my conversations with the DAN medics especially in the past year with me hurting my back the way i did and would i be albe to return to diving.

Dan Diving insurance is cheap compared to what the cost of a accident on vacation could be, before you factor in what a diving accident could cost, even if you never use it, its peace of mind. Id rather be safe and a few dollars lighter then sorry and owing huge sums of money to lots of people

Then to keep some things in perspective. (FYI These are averages based on typical rates charged for services)

Air Ambulance:

Medivac via rotorwing air ambulance(Helicopter) 15K and up (typically 10-12 Base plus $500-$2000 a loaded mile)
Medivac via fixed wing air ambulance (airplane) domestically 5-100K + $500-$2000 a loaded mile --international medivac 100K Base + $500-$2000 a loaded mile
Medivac via Specialized Fixed Wing Air Ambulance (IE Flying HyperBaric Chamber - there are only a hand full of these in the world) start at 100K

Ambulance transport
BLS (Basic Life Support) $500 + 6-10 loaded a mile + supplies and equipment
ALS (Advanced Life Support) $1000 + 10-20 a loaded mile + supplies and equipment
SCT (Specialty Care Transport) $1500 + 15-30 a loaded mile + supplies and equipment
CCT (Critical Care Transport) $2500 + 20-40 a loaded mile + supplies and equipment

Hospital Care:
HBO treatments 2-50K a piece (DCI can take 1 to 50+ treatments to resolve symptoms)
ICU bed 4-20K a day
Normal hospital bed 1-10K a day
LTAC hospital bed 1-3K a day
rehab 100-1000 a session

Just as a example I good friend of mine (also a diver and DAN member) was involved in a climbing accident(fell 100 feet landing on a rock) the Swiss alps about 3 weeks ago and suffered a shattered his left leg, fractured pelvis L5-T10 fractures, and a closed head injury . Due to his remote location they had to get a airborne technical/medical rescue team to him stabilize him onscene (think giant vacuum body cast). from there he was airlifted to Zurich wear a trauma team went to work dealing with all of his injuries. Hes truly the bionic man as he has 10 lbs of titanium holding his leg, pelvis and back together. After 2 weeks in ICU in Zurich he was well enough to be be flown back to the states for continued long term acute care and rehab. I cringe at the situation as he has a long road ahead of him but his medivac flight from Zurich to Northern California was amazing as it was in a specially medically equipped citation where he was kept comfortable( better living through chemsitry) the whole 14 hr flight and very well taken care of (think international first class comfort and food and step it up two or three notches). So far the hes told me the bills from his accident has been above 1 million US and the transport bills were just about half that. His out of pocket for this whole thing between his insurance, supplemental, and DAN was $6k. Thats pretty cheap considering how messed up he is.

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#18 Landlocked Dive Nut

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Posted 27 August 2011 - 03:37 PM

I simplify it: DAN is my dive insurance, and Dive Assure is my trip insurance. DAN policies do not always cover all aspects of trip insurance, so the Dive Assure policy is worthwhile.
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#19 duganalexzander


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Posted 27 August 2011 - 04:53 PM

Scubatooth, that is a very impressive story.

Everyone, can we get three cheers for DAN!?!

#20 Scubatooth


    I spend too much time on line

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Posted 29 August 2011 - 05:24 PM

not really from my experince. Its unfortuantely something i see on a daily basis at work where either people or facilities are more worried about the cost then there health and the consequences of there injuries.

This past friday there was a situation where not only was the sending hospital but the patient were more worried about the cost of the transport to the trauma center for there life threatening injuries then getting the care they needed in the most expidiant method at that time of day (IE via helicopter). To make a very long story short that person has a very longtime to think about being penny wise and pound foolish as now they have all the time in the world(30-50 years) to think. Sorry for being vague but HIPAA and proprietary info dont allow me to divulge more.

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#21 BettyRubble


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 05:53 PM

I consider DAN as necessary as my regulator and dive.computer.

And given the coming changes in the US healthcare system, I suspect many of our employer provided primary medical insurance are going to change benefits.

With DAN I know I have coverage diving. Plus I can call their hotline for guidance on medical issues that affect diving. This has helped me in the past to confirm what my non-diving doctors say.

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#22 Greg@ihpil


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 06:31 PM

As Dan & other members here have related.I also am a DAN member.I considered it , as soon as I got my OW .It's like when you get a drivers license.Yah,need Insurance.I recently attended a forum of sorts at the Quarry Hosted by Dan Orr & his wife Barbara..The studies as Jerry had mentioned are immense.His latest book Scuba Diving Safety,lists Equipment malfunctions--the why's,hazardous environments & dangerous marine life.His stories from his diving are very interesting to listen to.Forgive the cloneing phrase...Don't Dive without it..I'm glad I joined.There Id tags & the Dan equipment Tag is a well worth investment should the need be required.

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#23 UP Diver

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Posted 31 August 2011 - 05:11 PM

Scott -

You have just spent too much time on the western prairie ... Baylor and I think Presbyterian in Dallas have chambers. I believe JPS has one in FW. Yes, they are generally used for wound care treatment, but given the cost for construction and operation, it is good that they are used for something while waiting for accident prone divers to arrive!

Just my 2 psi -

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Posted 01 September 2011 - 08:25 AM

Both companies do a great job. DiveAssure INCLUDES dive insurance and trip insurance whereas DAN is only dive insurance.

Also DAN is secondary insurance meaning you pay first and DAN reimburses. But DiveAssure is primary insurance meaning they pay and you have no out of pocket. This is huge when medical bills can rack up into the THOUSANDS.

Regardless of which plan/option you choose...CHOOSE ONE!!!

I have them BOTH!!! -ww

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