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Single divers and UW photography

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#1 NASDS in TX


    Getting started

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Posted 16 June 2022 - 06:22 PM

I've got a random question for you photographers.  I'm returning to diving (and UW photography) after a three-decade hiatus from the sport.  In the old days, my wife was usually my dive partner.  Now, she is happy for me to dive again, but isn't interested in joining me.  Thus, I'm typing here on a single diver forum.


If you're into this stuff, you know that the dive of a photographer/videographer is typically different from the exploration/observation dives of others.  Photographers/videographers commonly go slowly, constantly stop to fiddle with equipment, and regularly camp out by some interesting coral formation taking pics.  The wife was great with this and enjoyed working with me to locate and line up interesting shots.


But now, I'll be a single diver needing another single diver to buddy up with.  On upcoming trips to pretty destinations, some dive master will be picking my buddy (or we'll somehow buddy up ourselves on the boat).  Odds are that my typical new buddy will be an awesome, fun person, but one that will have no patience in me hovering and slowly clicking off shots.  They will almost certainly want to move fast and go far and see all they can see.  I don't blame them one bit.  But, we cannot split up and cannot communicate well down there.


So, this is my question to single divers that take pics.  What would you do in a situation like this when you have an agenda (that you've handsomely paid for) that won't match up with other single divers' agendas?  Assume that I've chatted with the dive master and explained my goals/wants.  But, unless I win the lottery and get paired up with another UW photog, there's a slim chance of matching up with a buddy that I won't inconvenience.  


Eventually, I may find another UW shutterbug to join on trips.  But until then, would it just be best to find private guides?  That would work, but my goodness, that would be expensive.



#2 Cmdr. Clownfish

Cmdr. Clownfish

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Posted 16 June 2022 - 07:11 PM

You are in the right place.  Kamala will pair you with a suitable dive buddy.  In fact one of the questions on the diving survey is "Are you an underwater photographer?" and another one is "Do you mind your buddy being an underwater photographer?"  Now it's possible that some newly won't understand what that really means but most likely Kamala will run interference and see that they are not surprised when they find out. There are guarantees but you will probably have a buddy that works out for you.

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#3 Diver Ed

Diver Ed

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Posted 16 June 2022 - 07:17 PM

Hello John,


     I fully understand your situation, as I feel lost under water without my camera.  Personally, I took a solo diver course, with the hopes that I would have more freedom on dive trips.  That often does not satisfy a lot of dive operations though.  I found SingleDivers about 13 years ago, and have made over 20 trips with them.  Kamala has some forms that you fill out giving details about yourself to better assist them in matching you with a comparable room mate.  The same goes for diving.  As a photographer, I am always paired up with another photographer that is compatible with my diving style.  Very rarely am I roomed with the same person that I am dive buddies with, as just because we are compatible in rooming doesn't mean we are compatible in the water.  When I dive outside the group, I am gambling on what king or roommate I will have, figuring that he is a dive buddy by default as well.  The SingleDivers system has continually worked well for me in both areas.  They also run a lot of trips, so there are numerous options to try and find something of interest.  Ed

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#4 WreckWench


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Posted 17 June 2022 - 12:47 PM

Thanks Scott and Ed.... I couldn't have said it any better. My first thought when reading your post was 'just join our trips and this will NEVER be an issue'. Then I thought... WOW lots of people still do not know who we are... well I'm glad you found us because this will TRULY never be an issue again for you. We have LOTS of photographers on all our trips... in fact on our trip last week to Dominica the 2nd group (we did 2 back to back trips) EVERYONE was a photographer. Of course we had big rig photographers and go pro videographers and newly minted point and shoot photogs but EVERYONE had the bug...and a camera to capture their memories.


So the next step is not only combining photographers together but also compatible divers as well as photographers!  You'll see as soon as you join us and you will be super happy! And should you wife wish to join you as a bubble watcher or snorkeler...just let us know as all our trips encourage bubble watchers to come along! Kamala

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#5 NASDS in TX


    Getting started

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Posted 17 June 2022 - 03:44 PM

All good information.  Thanks for the thoughtful responses.

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