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#3 "Unbelievable" BELIZE Liveaboard Apr 20-27, 2024: QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS... Ask Away Inside this Topic!

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Posted 07 May 2023 - 05:35 AM

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Location: "Unbelievable" BELIZE Liveaboard  ...YEP... BETTER BELIZE IT BABY! (The best sites are only reachable via liveaboard)
Dates:  Apr 20-27, 2024



Hello and   :welcome: not only to our club but to the topic you can ask any questions you want about this trip. Please use this topic you are reading right now to ask your questions. You will need to be registered on the SingleDivers.com site and logged into our forums to be able to post. See below for links on how to do these things or email admin@singledivers.com for help.  We will answer your questions here AND update the main trip topic if necessary as well as keep the TRIP FAQ updated in the 2nd topic related to this trip.




How is the trip information organized?


#1 Trip Topic =  Full trip details, pricing, discounts, accommodations, travel details, etc.  (Locked. Only Admins can post to this)

#2 Trip Topic =  Ongoing Trip FAQ and Answers to the questions from topic #3  (Locked. Only Admins can post to this)

#3 Trip Topic = Questions Topic... ask all your questions in this topic  (Open to anyone to post who is registered and logged in)

#4 Trip Topic = Who's Going, Who's doing what extras, Tours, Add On's etc. (Open to anyone who is GOING on the trip to post in if registered and logged in)

#5 Trip Topic = Seeing is Believing. (Locked. Only Admins can post to this)


More detailed information is available in the thread title "How to Use this Forum to Manage Your Trip"


What are the "other" trip topics?


We will have other trip topics to help manage the pre-trip experience and ensure that you are as updated as possible. These include seeing who is celebrating a special event or ensuring you are getting the OFFICIAL TRIP PM.


How Do I Register on the SingleDivers.com site?

  • www.singledivers.com
  • click on Forums or click on Take me to the Surface Interval Forums under Forums
  • Click on REGISTER in the upper right corner
  • Choose a FUN SCREEN NAME ...email admin@singledivers.com if you need help. (Changing your screen name is very difficult to do after the fact so please take a few minutes to come up with a name you will like!)
  • Finish the registration process

NOTE: Only upgraded premium members can sign up for our trips. The premium membership enables you to receive private trip communications, see the profiles of who else is going, PM others on the trip (and other premium members on the site) as well as entitle you to numerous specials, discounts, perks and deals throughout the year.


How Do I Upgrade my Membership or Renew my Membership?

  • www.singledivers.com
  • click on Forums or click on Take me to the Surface Interval Forums under Forums
  • Login in the upper right (you know you are logged in when you see your screen name vs guest)
  • Click on the white links in the dark blue bar....the last one is MEMBERSHIP
  • Choose Premier (or higher) or if you are active duty military choose our Diver's In Uniform and we will work with you to validate your complementary membership. OTHERWISE... choose the payment option of either paypal or the SD payment portal
  • if you choose paypal your membership will be upgraded automatically and you can proceed immediately to book per the instructions below.
  • If you choose the SD payment portal please allow 2-3 days for your subscription to be cleared, validated and manually upgraded
  • Once your membership is upgraded you can book a trip with us.


Why do I have to log in more than once?

  • You do NOT need to be logged in nor registered to read information on our site.
  • The site has two primary areas that require you to log into....the forums and the homepage which allows you to access the booking system/shopping cart.
  • No matter where you are you MUST LOG IN to either post or book.  To ensure your information is safe we REQUIRE YOU TO LOG IN EVERYTIME YOU LEAVE A SECURE AREA. This means if you leave the forums to book you need to log in again. If you leave the shopping cart to post in the forums you must log in again. 

How Do I Log in so I Can Post?

  • www.singledivers.com
  • Forums
  • Take me to Surface Interval Forums
  • Log into the upper right corner AGAIN even if you were logged into the homepage

How do I Find the Trip PM and See All Previous Trip Updates?  


If you want to see ALL the messages that have been posted in the trip pm please do the following:

  • go to www.singledivers.com
  • click on FORUMS
  • click on Take me to the Surface Interval Forums
  • In the upper right log in (do NOT log in at www.singledivers.com as this will only take you to the booking system and not the trip PM which resides in the forums)
  • Once logged in you will see a gray envelope icon to the left of your screen name
  • If the envelope has a green number in it that means you have new unread messages
  • If the envelope is greyed out then you have read all the message but either way... click on the green number OR the gray envelope and you will be taken to your PM's. (Private Messages)
  • Once in the PM inbox click on the PM for the trip you are on. EACH trip will have an "Official Trip PM" with that trip name in the title and the words ... DO NOT DELETE in the subject line.
  • DO NOT DELETE  this message as we can never add you back and you will miss all the important trip updates that we send prior to a trip with our group.


How Do I log in so I Can Book a Trip or buy Add- On's?

  1. Go to the Main Page www.singledivers.com
  2. Log into the upper right on the HOME PAGE
  3. Click the Cozumel "Book Now" link  found in the TRIP TABLE (the same link you used to book the trip)
  4. Scroll down until you see the add-ons
  5. The additional nights will be near the bottom of the screen/list of add-ons.
  6. NOTE you can add extra nitrox tanks for your extra dives (THE PKG INCLUDES THE 10 PKG DIVES ONLY) so extra days of diving and any afternoon pm dives are NOT included so you would need to add extra nitrox tanks to your cart.
  7. Scroll back up to the top of the page and review your cart to make sure all of your add-ons are correct.
    1. If your cart is correct, then click the "Check Out" Button
    2. If the items in your cart are *NOT* correct, click on the cart button at the top of page in the Purple Ribbon.  This will allow you to correct any discrepancies.  If you make a quantity change, make sure you click the refresh button (the double arrow next to the number) to update your cart.


How do I Book a Trip with SingleDivers.com? 


To book you trip please follow the following simple steps:


1. Register a FUN screen name

2. Log into the FORUMS and upgrade your membership to Premier or higher (you can also do when you are creating your screen name. If you use paypal you will be automatically upgraded by the system. If you use the SD payment portal it will take 24-48 hrs to verify your payment and manually upgrading you)

3. Once your membership is upgraded and your account is upgraded you can then log into the homepage as follows and book a trip.

  • www.singledivers.com
  • login 
  • Trips
  • Choose the trip from the trip table and either click on the BOOK NOW link to book or DETAILS LINK to be taken to the forums for the trip information and to ask questions, see who is going etc.
  • Complete the trip booking process either by paying in full to qualify for our early booking discounts or by paying the deposit for the trip you are interested in.
  • Complete your online documents for your trip within 21 days to avoid a $75 late document fee OR within 3 days if signing up within 30 days of the trip's departure date.
  • You will be added to the TRIP PM (Private Message) within several days of signing up for a trip, which send courtesy emails to your inbox when an admin posts in it or you can check all messages sent 24/7 by logging into the forums and clicking on the message icon by your name.




  • We will answer your question in this topic quoting your question so you get a courtesy email indicating we have replied to your questions. 
  • We will update the TRIP FAQ located in the 2nd topic listing for this trip.
  • We will update the main trip topic #1 if applicable. 





  1. Ask trip related questions in this topic so we can reply back to you and everyone else reading this topic as soon as we can.
  2. If you need help with using the forums please email admin@singledivers.com
  3. If you need specific trip help please email trips@singledivers.com
  4. If you need any other help please email kamala@singledivers.com
  5. PLEASE DO NOT USE DUPLICATE METHODS TO CONTACT US. Choose one avenue and we will reply via that avenue. If 2 days go by then you can use an alternate avenue. REMEMBER all our trip helpers and site helpers are VOLUNTEERS for the Dive Club.

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