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Is it time for FIJI again in Sept 2013?

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Posted 09 April 2013 - 08:02 AM

I guess after all is said; I am trying to do my miniscule part to diminish the rest of the wold's view of the "ugly american" and embrace, and even learn from my global kin. Fiji is a wonderful (and gentle) place to start.

With the utmost respect Posted Image/> to you taking the time to read this.

Well said! Posted Image

And we too do our part...albeit a small part...to erase the "ugly American" mystic. We take school supplies to the orphans and foster homes in the countries we visit. In fact when we took them to the Maldives we were told we were the first group to EVER take them supplies and some funds. WOW! And we were quite happy we had a suitcase full of supplies. Posted Image

Even just having an 'Awareness' is huge... thank you for giving us all a great reminder to ALWAYS SHOW OUR KINDER AND MORE GENTLER SIDE!!! Posted Image

p.s Reading your posts so far have been a treat! You are a very articulate and compassionate conveyor of your thoughts thru the written word! Posted Image

Awe shucks....

Now you're just gonna make me blush :blush:/> !

I have spent almost 20 years in retail, and more than 50 years sucking air on this incredible planet of ours. Add that to being the child of an engineer (who valued education) and I might give myself a "C." Thank you for not pointing out all the blatant typos.
What I HAVE learned, is that everyone has something I can learn from. We have an incredible planet (both above, and below, the water). And we all have the right/responsibility to nourish the best along with trying to correct the worst. I have found, in the dive community, those who are most open to preservation AND change, and have a deep concern about our true global impact. My greatest "longing" is finding how I may fit.

Last, but foremost for me, any positives you glean from my correspondence (or in person; when we finally get to meet) are accolades to my parents "Ward & June," aka Kermit and Dorothy. All my good came from them (honestly if the average user was more than 40, and could get the reference{without the connotations}, I would ask for my user name to be Beaver). The bad... well; I managed that all on my own (beginning, but far from ending, with my spelling, grammar, punctuation, ... ) :elephnt3:/> Tah-Dah!

I am getting older, and can be more curmudgeonly than most my age; but it only takes one splash into the water, with anyone with "excitement" and I can find my peace {even contentment... dare I say... ... .... shhhh.... j o y ?}

Thank you Kamala,

Joel, aka, AquaSpud
"SCUBA"... the ONLY activity demanding artificial life support to participate...

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