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#2 RED SEA 2021: TRIP FAQ & Answers to Member Questions

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Posted 31 May 2019 - 08:18 PM

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Location: Red Sea
Dates:      June 17-24, 2021

Hello Red Sea trip goers!


We will use this topic to manage all the questions asked about this trip. Please check back frequently to see what others have asked and how we have replied. This will be the ONLY ongoing TRIP FAQ for this trip so you'll only have to look in one place and can quickly see what has been added since the last time you checked.   :thankyou:




  • How to Book

Q. Why can't I seem to be able to book this trip? It won't let me log in and I have tried the recover password several times but it does not help?  4-7-19

A. You must be a premium member aka Premier or above to book our trips. The price is $35 a year of which you can file for a $25 member rebate after every trip you take with us or private travel booking you make. So your membership dues are only $10 after one trip and you are saving even more money with two or more!  SO....please verify your premium membership is current and if you are still having issues please email admin@singledivers.com for add'l help.


  • What's Included

    Q. What dive equipment is included in this package? I would assume rental equipment would be available for anything not included? And if so is there an option to pay for that in advance??  (5-1-19)

    A.The pkg price includes air tanks, lead and weight belts if you need them. You need to supply or rent your personal gear i.e. mask, fins, snorkel (if you use one) and safety equipment i..e bcd, regulator, computer, and optional items such as a wetsuit or dive light* if you plan to do a night dive or just want to video, take pictures, look into nooks and crannies or simple see the TRUE COLOR of the REEF washed in its true brilliant colors!  But you are in luck... our uber cool Corporate Sponsor Big Blue Dive Lights is supplying a variety of dive lights and video lights you can USE FOR FREE to see how amazing they are. AND if you buy a Big Blue light BEFORE the trip you qualify for a FREE NIGHT DIVE!!!  Most people wait to pay for rental gear at the resort for several reasons.... sometimes we get multiple corporate sponsors who will allow you to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY and so you get the use of something like a light or computer FOR FREE!!!   And sometimes other members on the trip are happy to loan extras which save ou money so we typically do not collect rental fees in advance ALTHOUGH WE DO SUPPLY THE LIVEABOARD WITH ALL OUR RENTAL NEEDS SO THEY ARE MORE THAN READY but allow them to charge you only what you end up renting during the week. If they offer a 'rental pkg'[ the price is valid at the resort as well as before so its not necessary to pay in advance to save money.


  • Accommodations
    Q. Can non-divers join this trip? 6-2-19

    A. Yes but only on the land tours before the trip.


  • Options & Extras
    Q. How much is a boat night dive? I can't find it in the cart yet?  6-2-19
    A. Night diving is contingent on conditions and marine park rules. If we are able to do them they are INCLUDED in the price of the pkg.
  • Discounts & Rebates
  • Payment Information
  • Travel Details
    Q. If I book my own international and domestic Egyptian air (but why would I if SingleDivers.com will do it for me for no fee) what time must I arrive to meet the group and when can I depart so I can use the group transfers and be part of the tours and/or transfers to/from the boat?
    A.  If you are planning to book your own air to Cairo please plan to arrive in Cairo as follows and please do not leave prior to the time listed below. You will need to work around the group flights in order to make your transfer connections. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this request. :thankyou:


    Arrive No Later Than:


    • 11am Jun 9, 2021  if doing the "TOURS & TRANSFERS PKG booking YOUR OWN INT'L and/or domestic AIR" (ANY deviance must be ok'd by kamala@singledivers.com)  :thankyou:   Get your  bags and meet us at Egypt Air Baggage Claim or WE CAN SET UP PRIVATE TRANSFERS FOR AN EXTRA FEE


    • 11am Jun 15, 2021  if doing the "TRANSFER ONLY PKG booking YOUR OWN INT'L AIR" (ANY deviance must be ok'd by kamala@singledivers.com)  :thankyou:  Get your  bags and meet us at Egypt Air Baggage Claim or WE CAN SET UP PRIVATE TRANSFERS FOR AN EXTRA FEE


    Depart No Earlier Than:


    9am Jun 25, 2021  (ANY deviance must be ok'd by kamala@singledivers.com)  :thankyou:or WE CAN SET UP PRIVATE TRANSFERS FOR AN EXTRA FEE

  • Diving & Itinerary
    Q. When will the proposed diving Itinerary be ready?  6-2-19
    A. The diving itinerary is listed in the trip details.
  • Experience Required, Training & Workshops
  • Destination Info
  • Insurance, Documentation, and T&C's
  • Other updates

    How do I Find the Trip PM and See All Previous Trip Updates?  

    If you want to see ALL the messages that have been posted in the trip pm please do the following:

    • go to www.singledivers.com
    • click on FORUMS
    • click on Take me to the Surface Interval Forums
    • In the upper right log in (do NOT log in at www.singledivers.com as this will only take you to the booking system and not the trip PM which resides in the forums)
    • Once logged in you will see a gray envelope icon to the left of your screen name
    • If the envelope has a green number in it that means you have new unread messages
    • If the envelope is greyed out then you have read all the message but either way... click on the green number OR the gray envelope and you will be taken to your PM's. (Private Messages)
    • Once in the PM inbox click on the PM for the trip you are on. EACH trip will have an "Official Trip PM" with that trip name in the title and the words ... DO NOT DELETE in the subject line.
    • DO NOT DELETE  this message as we can never add you back and you will miss all the important trip updates that we send prior to a trip with our group.

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