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#2 GALAPAGOS LIVEABOARD April 16-23, 2022: TRIP FAQ & Answers to Member Questions

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Posted 04 December 2020 - 07:24 AM

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Dates:  April 16-23, 2022

Hello Galapagos trip goers!


We will use this topic to manage all the questions asked about this trip. Please check back frequently to see what others have asked and how we have replied. This will be the ONLY ongoing TRIP FAQ for this trip so you'll only have to look in one place and can quickly see what has been added since the last time you checked.   :thankyou:



  • How to Book

Q. Why can't I seem to be able to book this trip? It won't let me log in and I have tried the recover password several times but it does not help?  1-27-21

A. You must be a premium member aka Premier or above to book our trips. The price is $35 a year of which you can file for a $25 member rebate after every trip you take with us or private travel booking you make. So your membership dues are only $10 after one trip and you are saving even more money with two or more!  SO....please verify your premium membership is current and if you are still having issues please email admin@singledivers.com for add'l help.


Q. My dues are upgraded and I can see the pkg I want but it won't let me add it to the cart? What do I do?  2-7-21

A. If your dues are upgraded to a premium pkg double check are you LOGGED INTO the booking system. Go to www.SingleDivers.com click on LOGIN and follow the prompts then click on Trips and click on BOOK NOW for this trip. NOW you should be able to put the pkg in your cart. If you are still having issues please email admin@singledivers.com for most assistance.


  • What's Included

    Q. What dive equipment is included in this package? I would assume rental equipment would be available for anything not included? And if so is there an option to pay for that in advance??  (1-28-21)

    A.The pkg price includes air tanks, lead and weight belts if you need them. The boat will rent bcd, regulator, computer, and optional items such as a wetsuit, dive light etc. but we need to know in advance.


    NOTE: if you plan to do a night dive or just want to video, take pictures, look into nooks and crannies or simple see the TRUE COLOR of the REEF washed in its true brilliant colors!  But you are in luck... our uber cool Corporate Sponsor Big Blue Dive Lights is supplying a variety of dive lights and video lights you can USE FOR FREE to see how amazing they are. Most people wait to pay for rental gear IF THERE IS A CHARGE at the resort for several reasons.... sometimes we get multiple corporate sponsors who will allow you to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY and so you get the use of something like a light or computer FOR FREE!!!   And sometimes other members on the trip are happy to loan extras which save ou money so we typically do not collect rental fees in advance NOTE: Even though the rental gear is included in the package WE MUST SUPPLY THE RESORT WITH ALL OUR RENTAL NEEDS SO THEY ARE MORE THAN READY for everyone's needs.


  • Accommodations
    Q. Can non-divers join this trip? 1/5/21

    A. Currently there are no non-diver spots on the liveaboard portion of this trip. They can join any tours prior or after the trip. Email Trips@singledivers.com for any non-diver questions.


  • Options & Extras
    Discounts & Rebates
    •  look here for ongoing updates

  • Payment Information
    • look here for ongoing updates
  • Travel Details

    • look here for ongoing updates

    Diving & Itinerary

    • look here for ongoing updates
  • Experience Required, Training & Workshops
    • All divers must be experienced divers (we recommend that you have more than 100 logged dives) and have logged at least one dive within the 6 months prior to boarding the vessel. Dives are very often at an advanced level. Currents can be very strong and often divers are required to swim against them.  Must be able to dive off of a panga (zodiac). If you have ANY questions please email trips@singledivers.com for help.
  • Destination Info
    • It's the GLORIOUS GALAPAGOS Reduex...but WITH MOLA MOLAS + SWIMMING IGUANAS + possible whales and of course ALL THE REGULARS...Squadrons of Hammerheads, Spotted Eagle Rays, Golden Rays, Mobilas, possible whalesharks and MORE!!!
  • Insurance, Documentation, and T&C's
    • DIVE Insurance is required! DIVE insurance is VERY inexpensive. Even if you have insurance that you think covers DIVING ACCIDENTS and air lifts…it is CHEAP (approx $100) to get a supplemental policy to ensure you are covered for an entire year of diving.
    • TRIP/Travel insurance is required due to the cost of this trip, distance traveled and complexity of the times we live in. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INSURE THE FULL AMOUNT but choose the amt you are comfortable with. DO NOT INSURE THE AIR AS IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED BY MOST INSURANCE COMPANIES as they consider it refundable by the airlines.
      We recommend:
      Dive Assure: for either a 'one time' policy OR an annual policy for BOTH Dive & Trip Insurance providing PRIMARY COVERAGE with excellent rates and coverage! Please reference SingleDivers.com via the drop-down menu under GLOBAL PARTNERS OR SIMPLY CLICK HERE.  (If you can not find the drop down, do not reference anyone and email info@singledivers.com your policy info and we will do it for you via our Dive Assure company representative.)
    • All SingleDivers.com trips require:

    • You complete the necessary documentation as referenced above for each trip you sign up to take with us. A $75 document fee will be applied if you fail to submit your online and uploaded documents withing 21 days* of signing up for a trip or within 3 days if signing up within 45 days of departure. NOTE THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO AIRFARE UNLESS SIGNING UP WITHIN 45 DAYS OF DEPARTURE.  *Remember the Forms can be edited at any time up to 30 days prior to departure with updates such as insurance purchase/renewal, change of address, even preferences for rooming and diving so there is no reason to delay your initial Forms submissions.  This enables us to meet the reporting deadlines imposed by our suppliers.
    • SingleDivers.com LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
    • You read all the trip details before booking and commit to being responsible for post trip booking follow up by use of our TRIP PM, FORUM DISCUSSIONS  and in some cases emails. You commit to ask us how to use these tools if uncertain and commit to keeping your premier membership dues current and email on file current so we can contact you. Our tools require your dues and email to be current to work. Any delays/expenses/issues due to lack of trip information will be borne by the trip goer and NOT SingleDivers.com as we regularly and routinely use these tools to communicate extensively with you. If you are not hearing from us it means you are not using the tools we have in place. Email trips@singledivers.com for help.
    • You have read the EXPERIENCE REQUIRED & TRAINING/WORKSHOPS information in the online trip details to ensure that you are able to safely and comfortably meet the requirements of the trip. Please contact to further discuss any questions you have about attending one of our trips. We often accept students who would not otherwise meet the stated trip requirements because they are taking a class that will then enable them to meet the trip specifications and they will be diving with an instructor or dive master during the dives.
    • We require Dive Insurance for all dives and trips as stated above and we REQUIRE trip insurance for all dives and trips but in some cases require it due to vendor specific mandates. Please see the online trip details under INSURANCE to see if the trip has optional or mandatory trip insurance requirements.
    • In the event of cancellation, your trip insurance will be your first line of defense. Secondary remedies include some rights afforded to you based upon when you have to cancel your trip in writing. Please see THIS link for full additional trip cancellation details.
    • Please read THIS link for our Guaranteed Double Occupancy Policy, Rooming Policies, Payment Terms, the "Ex" Rule etc
  • Other updates
    Q. When I click Add to Cart I get a message that say "Limit reached. You can't add the product: GALAPAGOS LIVEABOARD April 16-23, 2022: D/O Diver  Limit reached. You can't add the product: Payment Option: Deposit"?  1-5-21
    A. The Add to Cart button was press more than once.  It is already in your cart so press the cart button at the top and then you can check out.

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