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Twas the Dive Before Christmas

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#1 ScubaHawk


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Posted 24 December 2013 - 04:22 PM

'Twas the night Before Christmas and all 'cross the Sea
Not a creature was stirring it was calm as could be
The tanks were all standing by the compressor with care
In hopes that Diver Nicholas would fill them with air

The divers not diving were tucked in a bunk
Most of them sleeping and one or two drunk
Ma in her shortie and I in my skins
Had just donned our gear and were about to slip in

When out from the boat I heard such a splash
I sat down my bc and took off in a dash
Away to Starboard my feet took flight
(Or maybe to Port. Which one is Right?)

The moonlit sea was emerald, the surf looked like snow
I could just imagine the visions swimming below
What I saw next, I couldn't believe my eyes
A catamaran pulled by dolphins All super sized.

Steered by a big jolly diver dressed in neoprene black
There was bag full of goodies slung over his back
Like fleeing from a tuna boat seven dolphins, they came
As he laughed an whistled and called them by name.

Now Flipper, Now Darwin, Now Mitzi and Nemo
On Stemella, On Theresa and Dan Marino
This is the boat, you're on the right track
Now swim around to the platform on back

As fish Before a predator's shadow will flee
When met with a shark will disappear in the sea
So up to the platform his dolphins, they swam
With jolly Scuba Clause in the big Catamaran

Then in a moment I heard from aft
First a bump, a cough and then a laugh
My wife and I crouched hidden, where the gear was stored
As we turned and looked, Scuba Clause stepped aboard

He was dressed in neoprene - 3mil I think
Except for his face, which was jolly and pink
His bundle of gifts near bulged at the seems
All of it gear, from divers wet dreams

His eyes - how they twinkled even in the dark
I had to pinch myself, I thought I was narced
A mask hung 'round his neck, snorkel in place
And I could see traces of Vaseline in the beard on his face

He had a round face, and the biggest belly I've seen
He'd use a lot of lead, if you know what I mean
He reached into a bag, hanging right by his side
And threw each dolphin a fish, saying "Thanks for the ride"

The twinkle in his eye had a look of fun
And I knew the dolphins enjoyed the nights run
Scuba Clause spoke not a word, just sat out the goods
He put the last one under the tree, and slowly he stood

Raising his fingers and pinching his nose
And giving a nod, into the water he dove
How it all happened, I'm not really clear
But as he hit water, he was in full scuba gear

Time lost all meaning, which is just as well
How long his dive took, I had no way to tell
It may have been a second, an hour or three
Then he was on his boat, headed out to sea

And I heard him exclaim from the boat he was driving
"Merry Christmas to all and to all GREAT DIVING!"
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#2 MNJoe



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Posted 24 December 2013 - 04:28 PM

Nice poem Hawk!!!!

Have A great Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"just your average Joe from Minnesota, also known as Keith"

#3 WreckWench


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Posted 24 December 2013 - 10:53 PM

That is my ALL TIME FAVORITE CHRISTMAS POEM written by one of my all time favorite diving buddies! Merry Chritmas Hawk and Merry Christmas to all! -ww

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#4 Hipshot


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Posted 25 December 2013 - 06:17 PM

After all these years, Hawk, you've still got it. :respect:/>/>



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