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motivational ideas for my daughter?

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Posted 07 July 2009 - 10:57 PM

12 is really too young to be certifying people for SCUBA

Something we agree on 100%! I was talking to an old timer here a few days ago, someone who first taught diving 40 years ago and still does it from time to time, and he shares the view that 14 is a far safer age. Though even then it depends on the individual.

I agree scuba diving requires certain maturity and understanding of the basic physiological aspects of diving to be certified, whether the diver is 12, 14, 16 or 40.

I have been on a dive with a 10 year old - his adoptive parents owned a resort in Roatan - his father had been a lobster diver - he was accompanied by a guide/divemaster, maximum depth 40 ft, at a site (Fish Den) which was literally 100 yards off shore from the resort. He had the mechicanics of diving down pat. But under NO circumstances would I have 'buddied up' with him.

well, got to talk to my daughter over the weekend..

from what she tells me, there's no reason why. She did mention that maybe she's too lazy, but that may have been her playing around or being sarcastic. Hard to tell, I couldn't understand teen age girls when I was at that age and x number of years later, I still haven't figured it out!

She has a reason, she just doesn't want to tell you. She respects you, and may be afraid of hurting your feelings.

Don't press her, but tell her the offer is still open. Don't be suprised, if 10 years from now, when you've forgotten your promise, she's suddenly ready to get that certification, and travel the world diving.

Just my 2 psi

Time on earth is precious, time underwater even more so. Live life one day at a time. Dive your @$$ off!!!

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