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Full-Time Crew

Kamala Shadduck - Your Captain

Kamala founded SingleDivers.com in 2004 at a time when many single divers dropped out of the sport for lack of travel options that catered to them. Much like going to the grocery store and only seeing family-sized options, these divers only found trips that were accessible if they brought along a buddy. The problem was that they did not have a buddy so they did not have a trip.  Kamala thought there was a better way... and SingleDivers.com was born.

Since 2004, SingleDivers.com has offered over 200 trips just for buddyless divers without the single supplement. This service was immediately a remarkable success, and the site grew rapidly. There are now over 8000 SingleDivers on the site.

Kamala is a PADI Divemaster and a licensed nutritionist.  She has a MBA in International Business and has worked as an Export Control Officer for a Fortune 500 company. She left a highly successful career to start SingleDivers.com in 2004 and has never looked back.

Charlies and Angels - Your Little Buddies (first mates)

These are the friendly faces that first greet you when you become a member. Their job is to greet members and help them use the site or learn more about what options are available to them.  They also serve as moderators on the forums.  They take moderation seriously as we like to have a friendly place where you can feel safe and secure instead of constantly trying to avoid confrontation and failing miserably as is all too common on most forums.

Trip Coordinators - Your Pursers

These are the people that make sure you have all your paperwork in place and know what to expect on your trip.  The goal is to never have you guessing what to to do next.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't but these are the people you can reach out to if you have trip related questions.  Each trip is assigned a trip coordinator that handles all sign up issues for that trip. Often reaching out to them first will yield quicker results than reaching out to the Captain directly as she wears many hats and is pulled in many more directions.

Admins - Your Engineers

The admins keep things running behind the scenes.  They keep the forums functioning and handle member issues that are beyond what the Charlies and Angels can troubleshoot. In some ways, this a more challenging job because mistakes are more visible and fewer people are able or willing to do the job.  In general, if you are having a problem it is best to ask a Charlie or Angel for help first and they can determine if it needs to be elevated up to the admin level.

Part-Time Crew

Brett Walker - Photographer

Brett is an award winning, nationally published, underwater photographer that has graciously agreed to provide photos for this website. While you are here, make sure you see the Brett Walker Imagery gallery. This is but a small sampling of what he has to offer. His photos are for sale in various sizes.  Please contact Brett directly (PM Seawollf in the forums) if interested. Brett also gives underwater photography seminars on select SingleDivers.com trips.  These trips are your opportunity to spend a week with a pro photograper and learn directly from the master.

Scott Fisher - Web Developer

Scott is the owner of JSFisher Studios, LLC, which is a Texas based software firm specializing in Web and IOS/OSX Apps.  He wrote his first program on an Apple IIe computer in 1987. Since then, Scott has earned a MS in Engineering and completed the course work for PhD's in both Mathematics and Engineering. Scott spent 15 yrs in a major Aerospace Defense corporation as both an engineer and IT professional. He spent 3 years leading multinational programs in excess of several million dollars and worked full time on C++ and Java software which the F16, F35, and Orion Space Capsule programs depend on for success. Scott developed this website over a period of 3 months and is on call to handle any issues.