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.SD TERMS aka uses its own abbreviated lingo to facilitate repetitive typing of frequently used terms and concepts. We will try to list them all here in our GLOSSARY to help you learn the lingo and the lay of the ... sea! ;)

As always if you see us use a term you don't know...please let us know and we'll not only let you know but we will try and update our glossary as well. Thank you for your help!


AKA = also known as. We started our club using a community message board aka the 'boards' or forum software aka "the forums". The terms are used interchangeably just as we use your screen name interchangeably with your real name.  So I am Kamala aka WreckWench meaning my real name is Kamala and my screen name in the forums is WreckWench.

Cash Discount

Yes we offer a discount for cash when purchasing a trip with our club. Our prices are listed as credit prices and when you pay via your checking account (simply enter your routing and account number as you would your credit card number) then our shopping cart will automatically discount your total by approx 3%. We say 'approximately' because of fractional rounding errors that occur in the initial set up calculations but the full discount received is roughly 3% which is the mark up our credit card processor charges.

We are happy to save you money any way that we can. Please note that the cash discounts show up on your PAYMENT CONFIRMATION and not on the ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.  Why? Well we use two different systems for the orders and the payments. So the order system tells you what you *ordered* and the payment system tells you how much you paid including all coupons, discounts, etc.

Display Name

Display name means the same as Screen Name or Handle. Check out the definition of Screen Name and if you need help creating one...simply email us at  and we'll be happy to check what's available for you or help you create a fun and personality filled handle for you!

EBD Early Booking Discount

The early diver gets the best view... or in this case the best deals! All of our trips have various EBD's or Early Booking Discounts. These discounts are for early payment in full and/or deposits. They are used to reward our members for signing up early AND they help generate the cash flow needed to pay our suppliers and operators for holding our trip dates out so far in advance so you have the most time available to book.

So always check for our EBD's and us the coupon code to obtain the best deal at the time you are booking. And remember our absolute BEST EBD'S are 7-14 days after the trip first opens for booking 

If you have any questions about EBD's or anything email for help.


Your 'handle' is the same as your screen name or display name. Please see the definition or Screen Name for more details. And if you need help creating one please email and we will help you create a fun one!


Our shopping cart uses two systems to bring you the widest number of features available. We use an 'order system' and a 'payment portal'. The order system will generate an ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEENT every time you ATTEMPT and order. Mess up? It creates an attempted order acknowledgement. Hit the back button? And it creates an attempted order acknowledgement. Complete everything successfully...and guessed creates an order acknowledgement.

So how do you know how many times your payment was processed? That's easy... simply count the number of PAYMENT THANK YOU ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS you have rec'd compared to the Order Acknowledgements you've rec'd. If you only have one Payment Thank You then you only processed one payment successfully. If you have 2 PAYMENT THANK YOU'S don't panic. Simple call 864-557-6079 or EMAIL and we can void the 2nd payment by midnight Eastern Time the same day you made the payment.  Since is headquartered in Florida please consider making payments or signing up for a trip well before midnight Eastern time for that an additional safely buffer. Otherwise we'll do a refund the next day but that will have to clear first before it will process back to your account.  AGAIN DON'T over 16 years of processing payments we have only had one duplicate payment so this rarely is an issue.

NOTE: Our accountant ALSO keeps an eye out for duplicate order acknowledgements and any possible duplicate payments. If she sees them she will automatically void that payment which sometimes is before you have a chance to call it to our attention. Otherwise she will initiate the refund which will process as soon as the original payment clears.


RAB or "Rent A Buddy" offers a unique program called the Rent A Buddy or RAB for short and sometimes called "Rent A Mentor" for new(er) divers, divers returning to the sport after a period of not diving or anyone wanting to improve or perfect buoyancy, air consumption, trim, navigation etc. This programs helps ease fears and concerns about holding your buddy back as you get back into the sport or take what you have learned in your open water class and start to apply it to your diving r├ępertoire.

It is normally $50 per day or $150 for a 7 night trip and will provide personalize and customized tips, advice and suggestions based on how YOU dive. Not all trips offer this program but when offered the number of spots are limited. For more information email or read the 'training section' of the trip you are interested in.

Rent A Mentor

The Rent A Mentor program is another name for our "Rent A Buddy" program. You'll find a full description under Rent A Buddy or RAB

Screen Name

A screen name is an alias for use in forums, message boards, chat boards, etc. It's a fun way to hide your real name while showing off your personality and/or love of diving. So my screen name is WreckWench because I love diving on wrecks! Don't forget to create a fun one when you sign up as a free basic members of our club!


SD is even shorter for or is short for

TC or Trip Coordinator

TC stands for Trip Coordinator. Every trip runs has a trip coordinator that helps the members on the trip get signed up, stay in contact, get information as well as consolidate member requests on a trip i.e. everyone with special food requests or those with mobility needs etc. They also organize all the info that you supply so we can help with rooming assignments and dive buddy suggestions. So if you ever need to reach one of our trip coordinators...simply email!


Our shopping cart uses two systems to bring you the widest number of features available. We use an 'order system' and a 'payment portal'. The order system will generate an ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEENT every time you ATTEMPT an order.  And the payment system actually processes your payment, itemizes your cash discount received and shows your credit for any coupon you applied.

Simply look for the email acknowledgement that says THANK YOU FOR YOUR PAYMENT OR CONTRIBUTION to see how much your account was changed. When you open this email acknowledgement it will show you exactly how much money you paid today or in other words...came out of your account.

Our "order acknowledgement" email ONLY itemizes what you ordered ie. trip, nitrox, etc and can not show the early booking discount and any cash discounts we applied.

Simply marry the Payment Email to your Order Email and you'll the complete picture of your transaction.

The next version of our booking system will merge these two functions together but we've done really well for over 8 years with the system we currently have.



No WW is not one "W" short of the world wide web or more appropriately warm water wuss...but it is short for Wreck Wench or WreckWench. Why is that worthy of being in our glossary? Well WW or Wenchie is the "founder and president" of and since she's been around so long many members simply call her WW or Wenchie etc. And yeah...some even call her a 'wreck' ...but as you can see she answers to just about anything!

Oh and her real name is Kamala (like Pamela but with all a's and a k)