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Its been such an amazing experience over the past 11 years helping divers find buddies, friends and awesome dive trips all over the world; while eliminating single supplements, avoiding 'insta buddy' or 'insta roomie' issues as well as trip cancellations, pricing surprises and a host of other dive travel 'gotchas' that single, solo, or married but buddyless divers face. We never expected to grow to this size nor did we imagine that we'd be helping so many members find great dive trips as well as helping dive shops and private groups with their travel.

Over the years the forums which served us so well could not keep up with the complexity of our travel club and we have struggled to manage our group which has 10000+ registered members and thousands more on our email lists.

Our new site has been several years in the making and like everything so special about utilizes the talents of our members including the developer, photographer, and content creation gurus. And we've listened to our members who have given us feedback on critical 'must fix' processes as well as "great to have" ideas. We've implemented numerous member suggestions including our new easy to use, robust shopping cart style booking system that has fully integrated payment and document components. Signing up for a trip including payment and trip docs now takes on average 15 minutes to go from "dive dream" to "dive trip"!

The new site still incorporates our forums so that we don't lose our great community and years of discussions which have fostered the club we have become over the past 11 years and will continue to enhance over the next 11 years and beyond. We have included the standard social media access, FAQ's, and traditional website functionality that people expect, while ensuring we are also "mobile friendly" going forward.

We have included a help desk to make communications easier and it gives you a way to track any open queries you may have with us. This is especially useful since we are STILL an all volunteer with some really fun, hip and cool curb appeal!  But we hope you'll agree that the changes go far beyond curb appeal and window dressing!

In fact we STILL want your input on the new site and of course we'd love for you to share with us your very own personal experience via our Testamonials (under the About tab) as well as create new experiences on your next trip with us!

So click HERE to join us on an amazing dive adventure! You are now only a few clicks away from the trip of your dreams!