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Guide to the new Forums & Website Changes

Frequently asked questions about navigation and use of new forums and website. Plus ALL new updates about our new site and things still coming!

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Welcome! Please READ FIRST!

Welcome to We are a community forum that uses a message board to organize our trips, events, functions as well as to educate, entertain and support our members. Please scroll down the forums in the Surface Interval INDEX to see all that we have to offer. Here are some quick links to other parts of the site you'll find helpful and interesting!

If you're NEW, CLICK HERE and introduce yourself!
To see the PHOTO GALLERIES from past trips, CLICK HERE.
Want to LEARN about where to dive or ask questions of our members CLICK HERE.
Or to JOIN at another membership level for discounts and savings on travel and merchandise, CLICK HERE.

For other help email or call us at 214-350-7003.

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Stop in for updates and announcements.

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Cool Single Stuff...

Hey check here for all the related know the polls, the announcements that you can provide feedback on...and just other cool stuff related to! Thanks for making the FUNNEST place on the net when you aren't getting Wet!!!

  1. Neptuner aka 'Pup' Morse
  2. Claim To Fame
  3. ScubaRadio Interviews!
  • 285 Topics
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SD's online Merchandise Catalog & Swap & Shop!

You'll find all the great branded merchandise here as well as other great products available for sale to SD members from great industry suppliers and vendors! And now find our member 'Swap & Shop' as well! Any premier member or above can post things they want to sell!

  1. "Swap & Shop" Diving Classifieds
  2. Closed Auctions Or Discontinued Items
  • 76 Topics
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Toggle this category TRIPS, TRAVEL AND ACTIVITIES!

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Stuff you need to know for ALL trips & activities!

Check here for your diving profile, rooming survey, DAN and trip insurance information, medical information needed for trips and more!

  1. Forms & Docs for SD Trips
  • 22 Topics
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  • 22 September 2014 - 02:52 PM
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  • By: WreckWench 
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2014- 2017 Upcoming Trips & Events

You'll find full details including pricing as well as who's going for all of our fun group single and buddyless diver trips this year! We hope to see you on one soon! But don't wait too long...they fill up fast! ...Can't find the perfect trip? Email and we'll plan it for you & SAVE you Money!

Simply click on the trip/event name for all the details. Finding a dive buddy has never been easier and we guarantee a same sex roommate if booked 30 days prior to the trip!

  1. Calendar, Trips in Progress, Trip Suggestions, Previous Trips & MORE!
  2. Roatan Oct 18-25 or 25-01 Nov 2014
  3. Galapagos Dec 1-8 or Dec 8-15, 2014
  4. Galapagos NYE Dec 29-Jan 5, 2015
  5. Fiji Mar 3-10, 3-14, 7-20 or 10-20, 2015
  6. Grenada Apr 18-25 or Apr 25-May 02, 2015
  7. Dominica May 23-30 &/or May30 - Jun6, 2015
  8. Florida July 3-11, 2015
  9. Cayman Brac July 11-18, 2015
  • 68 Topics
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Reports from Current SD Trips, Events, Happy Hours, & Activities

Check out all the fun and festivities...WAIT!!! You were there already! :) OK...relive all the fun and contribute so that others can see what they are missing! Always something going on somewhere when SD is around! See for yourself! And don't forget the pictures...we've got 'em! As we say at SD...what happens on a dive trip...doesn't stay on a dive trip, it gets posted on the internet!!! LOL!!

  • 53 Topics
  • 1,070 Replies
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Trip Suggestions

This forum contains discussions on where should travel next. Please participate in these discussions as they are invaluble in our planning purposes! Want to send more info for consideration? Please email

  • 93 Topics
  • 2,237 Replies
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Trips you missed!

These are the trips this year that we've already taken! Wish you could have joined us! OR LET US BOOK THE SAME TRIP FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!!!

  1. Last Year's Details...Trips & Activities!
  2. Last Year's Reports...Trips and Activities!
  • 515 Topics
  • 56,481 Replies
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Upcoming SD Events, Happy Hours & Functions Details

SD is more then just awesome group dive trips...its also about having local and regional fun together as well! Check here for all the official Happy Hours, Local Dive Events and functions! Stay tuned for a SD event coming near you!

  1. Eastern Seaboard SD Events
  2. Central Region SD Events
  3. Western Seaboard SD Events
  4. International SD Events
  • 503 Topics
  • 16,538 Replies
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PRIVATE Special TRIP Discussions

There is a PRIVATE special trip discussion forum for EVERY trip. Only trip goers can read these specific trip related discussions such as money matters, flights, touring, etc. CHECK the OFFICIAL TRIP PM for the link and password for the trip you are on. Email to be added to the trip if you have not been added yet. NOTE: All trip goers need to be premier members to access the site's PM's and the official trip PM. Thank you!

  1. Special Discussion - Saba & St Kitts NYE LIVEABOARD Dec 28 2013 - Jan 04 2014
  2. Special Discussion - Truk Lagoon Redeux Feb 09-16, 2014
  3. Special Discussion - Bonaire Singles' Week Apr 26-May 03, 2014
  4. Special Discussion - Dominica May 24 - 31 AND May 31-June 07 2014
  5. Special Discussion - Magical Maldives Redux Mar 16-23, 2014
  6. Special Discussion - Best of Mex. Whalesharks/Cenotes/COZ Jun 28-Jul 05, 2014
  7. Special Discussion - NC Sharks & Wrecks July 17-22, 2014
  8. Special Discussion - Cooper River Meg Teeth & Artifacts July 31-Aug 05, 2014
  9. Special Discussion - Best of Florida Aug 22-30, 2014
  10. Special Discussion - Little Cayman August 30 - September 06, 2014
  11. Special Discussion - Roatan Edge/HOG Gear & Halloween Bash Week 1 Oct 18-25, 2014
  12. Special Discussion - Roatan WreckDiving Mag & Halloween Bash Week 2 Oct 25-Nov 01, 2014
  13. Special Discussion Galapagos Dec 01-08 2014 & Dec 08-15, 2014
  14. Special Discussion Galapagos NYE Dec 29 2014-Jan 5th, 2015
  15. Special Discussion - Fiji Siren & Beqa Lagoon Landbased
  • 244 Topics
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  • 18 October 2014 - 12:02 PM
  • In: Protected Forum
  • By: jesterdiver 
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SD Travel Network

SingleDivers Travel Network offers wholesale travel services for the members of Can't find a group trip you can make? Want a custom travel and vacation experience? Like SD to find you a dive buddy? Want us to beat your best deal? Then check here...

  2. Travel Tips
  3. Travel Team KUDOS!
  • 144 Topics
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CONTESTS,...Happy Hour Drawings..& More!!!

Register here for the Happy Hour Drawings for the AWESOME WATCHES you can win by just attending SD Happy Hours ANYWHERE in the WORLD! Find out who's won our monthly membership contests as well as all the Tradeshow & Consumer Dive Show winners! Yes we've got winners...are you the next one???

  • 27 Topics
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I'm Headed Your Way!

We want to encourage our members to get together for dives and to foster friendships. With this in mind, we have started a new forum to specifically assist our members when they travel to other areas. Our new forum is designed for folks traveling to other areas wanting to dive with local members. If you are traveling someplace we have members and would like to hook up with local single or buddyless divers in that part of the country/world that you will be diving in, please post an announcement in I'm Heading Your Way.

Do not post trip details for dive travel/trips you are planning in this forum, rather use the "I need an SD Buddy" forum if SD is booking your travel or use the "Where in the World" forums if you are booking your own trip and want someone to join you.

If you see someone is heading your way and you'd like to dive with them while they're in town, send them a PM to make arrangements. Have fun and dive safely! Don't forget to post a trip report when you return!

  • 413 Topics
  • 1,458 Replies
Unread forum

I need an SD dive buddy for my SD Booked or Approved trip! can help you with your individual travel plans or small group dive travel as well as our great monthly group trips! So let our SD TRAVEL group put together a great trip for you...and when SD TRAVEL makes your vacation arrangements, we'll also help you find a buddy for your trip if you want one AS WELL AS SAVE YOU MONEY! Find your best deal and we'll use our 7000+ buying clout to get it cheaper!

NOTE: This forum is only for people who have or will be booking travel via SD and want us to find them a dive buddy also to be booked via SD. Thank you! (If you wish to have someone join you on a non-SD booked trip then use our "Where in the World" basic details and ask anyone interested to pm you. Yes you need to be a premier member to pm. We are a travel site that books travel for groups and individuals so unless you book your travel vis our Travel Group we have limited options for anyone not traveling via us. We can book any trip you find for less so next time book with us to save money!)

  • 59 Topics
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ATOCHA Adventure Week Dives

Book your Atocha Adventure Week Dives here! Or contact us at or call 864-557-6079 for more information. is proud to work with in offering you these amazing dives! Don't miss a chance to be part of history!

  1. Atocha Support PRIVATE Forum
  2. Previous Atocha Adventures
  • 35 Topics
  • 308 Replies

Toggle this category LET'S GET STARTED...

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New to or Returning?

Please INTRODUCE yourself to our dive buddies. We want to meet you and welcome you into our group of divers! It only takes a minute and it is the easiest way to meet others on the board! If you are a returning member...feel free to re-introduce yourself and let us know what's happened since you've been gone!

  • 2,283 Topics
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Membership...FAQs...Site Policies

Here you will find the most up-to-date membership information and levels of memberships; and new diver FAQs as well as the rules to our community.

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Feedback & Suggestions

Tell us what you think of the board and what we could do to improve things here. If you have an IDEA for a forum topic or an addition to the features of this board then drop it here.

  1. Requests & Suggestions Completed
  • 143 Topics
  • 2,476 Replies
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Site Support & General Technical Help

Have a technical PROBLEM or just a QUESTION about how to use this site? Please ask...we're here to help.
HINT: Please read the HELP section as it will answer many of your questions!

  1. Avatar & Picture Uploading
  2. Site Support - Tips & Tricks...Check here FIRST!
  3. Site Support - Resolved Technical Issues
  4. Tech Tips
  • 357 Topics
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Toggle this category PARTNER CENTRAL - (These Partners Keep Our Site Advertising Free! Please Support Them!)

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Our Partners....

Please support our Partners! They provide us with exceptional products and services and add so much value to SD. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!

  1. Atocha Adventure Week -
  2. Cochran Dive Computers
  3. Reef Photo
  4. Light & Motion's SOLA LIGHTS
  5. Dive Assure
  6. DSS...Deep Sea Supply
  7. OMS...Ocean Management Systems
  8. Explorer Ventues Liveaboards
  9. MV SIren...World Wide Dive & Sail
  10. Wakatobi Resort & The Pelagian Dive Yacht
  11. DAN: Divers Alert Network
  12. Spree Expeditions
  13. Nautilus Lifeline
  14. GoPro Cameras
  15. Analytical Industries Inc.
  • 115 Topics
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Our Member Businesses...

Please support our member business partners! They support SD and we are proud to support them and all our members!

  1. Orcaman Video Tales
  2. Diversitea
  3. OffTheWall Diving
  4. JTK Communications
  5. Mikes Amazon Store
  6. White Eagle Photography
  7. Our Supporters
  • 48 Topics
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Toggle this category DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!

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The Safety Stop - THE Stop for Newer Divers

Are you looking at getting more information before certification? Have newly discovered scuba? Are currently in core training courses? Or are just in search of straightforward scuba info? Ask your questions here!

  • 122 Topics
  • 2,756 Replies
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General Diving

Let's talk about diving! GEAR...PHOTOGRAPHY...SPECIALTIES...etc.
And yes...its ok if it has a singles slant to it...afterall, that's what most of us are! NOTE:Please do NOT list trip or diving destination threads here. They belong in the Where In the World forums.

  1. The "Best of the Best"
  2. Photography & Videography
  3. From the Technician's Bench...
  • 1,489 Topics
  • 23,424 Replies
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Dive Training

Questions about TRAINING OR EDUCATION? Or about dive training agencies? Ask them here.

  • 262 Topics
  • 4,668 Replies
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Diving Related Learning Lessons

Have you ever had a dive that you walked away from and then later thought about "What I learned about diving from that mistake/experience"? Well then this forum is for you. And if you want to learn from other people's experiences, even better.

  • 113 Topics
  • 1,945 Replies
Unread forum

Technical Diving

Discussions dedicated to "technical diving" including deep diving, wreck penetration, cave, solo diving, ice diving, mixed gases, rebreathers, all the gear that goes with these kinds of diving, and more.

  • 123 Topics
  • 2,618 Replies
Unread forum (password protected)

Inside the Diving Pro...

Are you a diving professional? Want to talk with other diving pros about topics related to this side of the industry? Or are you interested in being an SD Staff Instructor or DM/DiveCon? If so contact or pm 'membership' to submit your qualifications and receive password access to this forum.

  • 57 Topics
  • 342 Replies
  • 11 October 2011 - 06:36 PM
  • In: Protected Forum
  • By: PlatypusMan 
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The World Aquarium

Welcome to the World Aquarium! Many people snorkel and dive not only to experience the underwater world but to also interact with amazing sea life. This forum is a place to learn more about sea life around the world and to exchange information and experiences. So dive right in!

  • 598 Topics
  • 2,327 Replies
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Your Trip Reports

Please tell us all about YOUR latest dives, dive trips and diving experiences. (If part of a SD group event...please comment in that thread too!)

  • 526 Topics
  • 4,073 Replies

Toggle this category SNORKELING and FREEDIVING

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Snorkeling and FreeDiving

Are you interested in snorkeling or freediving...then don't hold your breath...oh you can! If you want to learn more about both or if you have specific gear or training questions, then jump right in and splash...I mean ask away.

  • 22 Topics
  • 141 Replies


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Non-Divers & Bubble Watchers

Are you a bubble watcher? Don't dive? But want to hang out with other fun loving single and married but buddyless divers...then this forum is for you! Got other interests or want to do other things...then chat about it here! Have fun!

  • 12 Topics
  • 83 Replies


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Safety in General & Travel Issues when meeting people from the internet, dive trips or ANYTIME!

Share tips about staying safe in general and when meeting people for the first time both diving and dry! Afterall...its all about being safe! Also share any travel tips you have...getting there is half the battle! Please post YOUR suggestions here!

  • 78 Topics
  • 938 Replies
Unread forum

Topics Related to being SINGLE!

Want to discuss meeting other single divers? How about travel related issues pertaining to singles? Or relationship issues? Any topic specifically related to singles or married can be discussed in this forum.

  • 321 Topics
  • 15,131 Replies
Unread forum


This forum is for our 'Married but Buddyless' Divers & 'Spoken For but Buddyless' divers! So what is it like being in a 'sea' of singles? Is it easier for you to find a buddy? How do you deal with your non-diving SO? Got ideas for getting the SO into the sport? And the non-marrieds just thought it was hard right? LOL!

  • 39 Topics
  • 556 Replies
Unread forum

Single or Buddyless PARENTS with KIDS

This is for all our single and buddyless divers with kids. Got questions for other parents? Want to find others in the same boat so to speak? Trying to get your kids into diving? Then you've found the right place!

  • 21 Topics
  • 266 Replies
Unread category

Non-Diving Related Topics

Although this is a diving board for singles...people like to discuss non-diving related topics. Please post them here. This is also the place for Jokes as well and other funnies you want to share!

  1. Jokes and Funnies
  2. The Birthday Club
  3. Games, Trivia Contests, Music, Challenges & FUN!
  4. Let's have some Holiday Fun!
  5. Cocktails
  • 7,682 Topics
  • 52,986 Replies
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News Bites

Want to share an interesting story? Share it here.

  • 455 Topics
  • 3,192 Replies


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Asia Pacific (includes Australia)

Wanna know more about the diving in this part of the world? This is the forum! Ask about the local conditions...or just jump in and get wet! Feel free to post questions about diving in this part of the world and certainly share your knowledge when someone else asks a question!

  • 82 Topics
  • 661 Replies
Unread forum

Europe & Africa

Wanna know more about the diving in this part of the world? This is the forum! Ask about the local conditions...or just jump in and get wet! Feel free to post questions about diving in this part of the world and certainly share your knowledge when someone else asks a question!

  • 28 Topics
  • 151 Replies
Unread forum

The America's (includes North, South, Central America and Caribbean)

Wanna know more about the diving in this part of the world? This is the forum! Ask about the local conditions...or just jump in and get wet! Feel free to post questions about diving in this part of the world and certainly share your knowledge when someone else asks a question!

  • 709 Topics
  • 4,789 Replies

Toggle this category DIET and HEALTH

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Diving and Health

Ask your diving and health related questions here. We invite all members to respond and discuss these important issues in this forum. We also invite any healthcare professionals who might wish to reply to do so. disclaimer: "Any information posted is for discussion purposes only and is not meant as specific medical advice for any individual."

  • 105 Topics
  • 1,869 Replies
Unread forum

Nutrition, Diet, & Exercise Gallery

Questions or concerns about general diet and health related issues? Need a goal, encouragment, help with a plan? Want some help on specific diet and training...ask and someone will help. If you know of a nice low fat recipe, ante up so we can all benefit. YUM!

  • 95 Topics
  • 1,551 Replies
Unread forum (password protected)

SD's Nutritional Clients User & Support Group!

This is a user group for SD's nutritional program..."Dive Deeper Into Nutrition...Just Add H20"! You'll find support here as well as ideas, encouragement and help with specific concerns or questions. It is not open to the general board...only those participating in SD's nutritional program. (Contact WW for more info if you are interested in learning how to be a healtheir diver.) Thanks for helping each other become healthier and happier and better divers!

  • 21 Topics
  • 89 Replies
  • 07 April 2006 - 04:45 PM
  • In: Protected Forum
  • By: nextariel 
Unread forum

Daily Inspiration & Food For Thought...

Daily inspiration and mental food for thought are vital to our health. This forum will provide this vital aspect to our lives. ENJOY and be HEALTHY & HAPPY!

  • 14 Topics
  • 33 Replies

Toggle this category OUR MEMBERS

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Read forum (password protected)

Membership Rewards

Membership REALLY does have rewards at!
So check here for ALL the great ways to save money, get freebies, and benefit because you belong to!

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Where are those dang Mods, Admins and Staff folks?

From time to time, WW and all the wonderful Volunteers and Staff will be dealing with their lives (yes, that means diving, we know they don't really have lives. SSSHHH, humor them.) They'll post their status here so you won't wonder too much about them! :) AND you'll know if they are gone so you'll also know how long before they return!

  • 151 Topics
  • 895 Replies
Unread forum

Member Status...Good & Bad Including Emergencies

Good & Bad...that sums up Life. Please share both here! And for those time when our members are involved in an emergency such as a hurricane or other natural disaster, you'll find updates here on our members in time of crisis or need!

  • 200 Topics
  • 3,541 Replies
Unread forum (password protected)

Comments & Concerns Resolution Forum

This is our new "Comments & Concerns' Complaint & Feedback resolution forum. Please send Concerns, Comments, Suggestions and Feedback via pm to comments&concerns or via email to Any concerns/feedback posted in the open forums will be removed and will then be posted here in this private forum until resolved. - SD Staff
Note: This forum can only be seen by the review committee comprised of admins/mods/sd staff.

  • 39 Topics
  • 620 Replies
  • 16 September 2012 - 11:39 AM
  • In: Protected Forum
  • By: WreckWench 

Toggle this category PROFESSIONAL

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Our Divers in Uniform!

Many of our divers have the honorable distinction of proudly defending our country or their own and defending all of our freedoms here and throughout the world as members of our Allied Armed Services! recognizes the sacrifices each of them makes to ensure our freedoms and rights that unfortunately many of us take for granted sometimes. not only welcomes our "Divers in Uniform" with open arms but also offers diving discounts for our active duty personnel. Please let us know who you are in this forum!

  1. Operation Care & Share
  • 209 Topics
  • 1,665 Replies
Unread forum

Our Professional Instructors and Divers

This forum is for our professional divers...those that instruct and those that help to instruct. Thread topics at this time will be started by staff, however this will be the home of our professional divers!

  • 9 Topics
  • 323 Replies
Unread forum

Our Professional Health Care Providers

This forum is for our professional health care providers. Currently we wish to recognize who of the family they are and we are looking for all levels of healthcare providers.

  • 8 Topics
  • 121 Replies
Unread category

'Need Work...Got Work' Forums

Please post ideas or discussion about these new forums here AND please share with us when you land that new job! We'd love to congradulate you!!!! Please ONLY post job opportunities in the "Got Work" forum and ONLY post jobs you are looking for in the "Need Work" forum. P.S. These are serious forums...yes I know probably the only ones on this site!

  1. Need Work!
  2. Got Work!
  • 68 Topics
  • 323 Replies

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