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Where do I start??? 

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Our trips are unique in that we...

  • Never Cancel
  • Guarantee Same Gender Roommate OR we'll pay your single supplement!
  • Open to Everyone
  • We Turnkey Just About Everything...Leave it to us!
  • Special Services for New/Newer Divers
  • Rooming and Diving Matching
  • No Cliques
  • Safe.. REALLY Safe
  • Structured for FUN!
  • Great Value!
  1. NEVER CANCEL the trip if at least 1 person other than the group leader has signed up. We are aware of no other group or club or shop that will promise you that. This truly protects your vacation!
  2. GUARANTEE SAME GENDER ROOMMATE or your single supplement is free! That's right...if you want to do a double occupancy to save money and you have signed up at least 30 days in advance of the trip... we will guarantee you a same gender roommate or your single supplement is free! (I hated having to room with a guy I did not know just to get the same price everyone else was getting for the trip so we fixed that in our group!)
  3. OPEN TO EVERYONE... Our trips are open to everyone...you don't have to know someone to be invited nor do you have to be vetted in anyway. We are TOTALLY Inclusive and WE NEVER HAVE CLIQUES! Just sign up and join in the fun!
  4. TURNKEY SERVICES...JUST LEAVE IT TO US We do all the legwork and we make it SUPER EASY to join our trips. You don't have to book directly...one stop shopping with us. You don't have to pay wire fees for int'l trips...we do it for you. You don't have to make your check out to a person...its made to a business that stands behind their word and has for over 10 years.
  5. SPECIAL SERVICES FOR NEW DIVERS... Are you a new diver? No problem. We ALL were new divers once and we still remember it. So we've developed special programs for new and newer or returning divers to help dial in their diving skills fast and easy! Ask us about them!
  6. ROOMING & DIVING MATCHING...We have every trip goer fill out our "Diving & Rooming Survey" which we use to help match you with an appropriate dive buddy and roommate. Its a lot of extra effort but it pays off for everyone. Like divers get to dive with like divers and compatible roomies get to room with other compatible roomies. And changes on the fly are EASY! (Ask other groups if they accommodate changes with the 'impossible roommate' and you'll find this is truly unique to SingleDivers.com.)
  7. SAFE! Our trips are safe and safety is stressed and adhered to on so many levels. Safety in the water and safe diving practices are a given... but also safety for our female members and ALL our members in general. We ensure our operators operate in a safe manner as do our trip goers. The only problem we can't solve is the one you don't tell us about. And that goes for ANYONE who makes you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable in or out of the water. Male or female...one or several...just let us know and we'll handle it discretely and professionally behind the scenes. And your identity will be protected..after all it's rare that if you are having a problem with someone that you are the only one. Often these 'situations' are just a misunderstanding which is cleared up quickly...IF you let us know. And if not for yourself...then please do it for others...after all it IS your vacation and should be FUN & SAFE...both IN AND OUT OF THE WATER!
  8. NO CLIQUES...SD offers so many trips per year of all different price points and venues that the mix of people is always different and fresh and fun...yet they all still retain the same welcoming and warm flavor that sets our trips apart. Our members know that friendships are made... many lifelong and those friends want to continue to travel together and support SD trips...but they remain open and welcoming to new members and others on trips...after all they were "new" once too!
  9. STRUCTURED FOR FUN...Our trips are actually structured for fun. The planning starts behind the scenes as we organize every detail of your upcoming vacation. We then provide LOTS of Mix and Mingle and Meets and Greets so everyone gets a chance to get to know each other. Dive teams are formed based upon skills, air consumption and diving styles and preferences...rooming is based upon seven different criteria and NOTHING is left to chance! We offer events and activities which you are free to participate in and equally free to just choose to be by yourself. We are an INCLUSIVE GROUP since we all show up the first time not knowing anyone! Our trips offer LOTS of diving, planned activities and also LOTS of opportunities to just relax, do your own thing and/or hang out with new friends.
  10. GREAT VALUE...Our trips are a great value. Sometimes they are the best price on the net...sometimes they are equal to the best pricing you can find and sometimes they are so loaded with extras that they may appear a few bucks more but in reality are usually not when you compare "apples to apples". Regardless of the price they are always precision run, well planned and thought out and executed so that you can relax and leave the worrying to us! So come experience the "SingleDivers.com Difference!"

How to Use Our Site

  1. The trips open for booking are below BUT ALL OUR LOCKED IN TRIPS about to be opened are in the CHART BELOW the ones that have pictures next to them. The trips in this table are GUARANTEED TRIPS that we are getting ready for you to book.
  2. Send an EMAIL TO TRIPS@SINGLDIVERS.COM to be added to the NOTIFY LIST FOR ANY OF OUR TRIPS!!! You can also self add yourself by registering in our dive community forums HERE after CREATING A FUN SCREEN NAME (there is only a short window to change them so email admin@singledivers.com for help creating one or seeing if you can change it to something more fun if you like)
  3. We use the FORUMS HERE to communicate about trip stuff and to just interact in general.  We use the world's only online dive trip booking system that allows you to book a spot with a deposit or pay in full as well as make progress payments, add trip extras such as nitrox, and fill out all your trip docs (SingleDivers.com docs only) online in our secure database so you only have to verify or update a few details the next time you travel with us.
  4. Once you create a screen name and upgrade your free membership to a premium level then you can sign up for one of our amazing trips. All our trips offer a CASH DISCOUNT for paying with an echeck and it is applied at check out. You will receive 2 email confirmations of 1) what you ordered and 2) what tyou actually paid. The itemized email will only show full prices less coupons, the second email will show the actual transaction. PLEASE read the emails carefully.
  5. We are always working to improve our service to our club members but rely on volunteers to help create and run the amazing community and trips we offer. Please email trips@singledivers.com if you are interested in helping the club or for any questions about our trips or how to sign up.

Here is a list of our upcoming trips over the next couple of years. This summary will change as we add destinations or complete a trip. Click the Details to read more and ask questions about the trip in our forums and then click Sign Up to book the trip.   Please contact us if you have any questions and we'd love to see you on one of our trips soon!

NOTE: Discount Codes are listed in the forum threads and must be used at signup.  They cannot be applied after signup!!!







2018 Trips          
Thailand Liveaboard February 8-18, 2018 from $2990 Similans, Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock Details Sign Up
Thailand Liveaboard February 18-28, 2018 from $2990 Similans, Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock Details Sign Up
Bonaire March 10-17, 2018 from $1189 St Patty's Day in Bonaire - SINGLE'S WEEK Details Sign Up
Philippines April 7-14, 2018 from $1199 Puerto Galera  Details Sign Up
Philippines April 14-21, 2018 from $1599 Anilao Details Sign Up
Roatan June 30 - July 7, 2018 from $947 Media Luna - FREE Health & Wellness and Diver's Yoga + Pup the Scuba Cowboy Details Sign Up
Roatan July 7-14, 2018 from $999 Mayan Princess - FREE Health & Wellness and Diver's Yoga + Pup the Scuba Cowboy Details Sign Up
Roatan July 14-21, 2018 form $952 Turquoise Bay - FREE Health & Wellness and Diver's Yoga + Pup the Scuba Cowboy Details Sign Up
Best of Mexico August 4-11, 2018 from $1571 Cozumel, Cenotes & WHALESHARKS!  ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE! Details Sign Up
Best of Florida August 17-25, 2018 from $999 Emerald Divers, Pura Vida Divers & Starfish Enterprise Details Sign Up
Grand Cayman August 25 - Sept 1, 2018 from $1135 "Cay-Mania" Week #1 SINGLE'S WEEK Details Sign Up
Little Cayman September 1-8, 2018 from $1075 "Cay-Mania" Week #2 SINGLE'S WEEK Details Sign Up
Bahamas - Liveaboard September 19-29, 2018 from $3995 SPECIAL 10-DAY Charter! Bahamas Aggressor - includes famous swimming pigs! Details Sign Up
Raja Ampat Liveaboard October 12-23, 2018 from $6655 Dive Damai II, luxurious liveaboard and amazing diving! Details Sign Up
St Croix Nov 24 - Dec 1, 2018 from $1544 FIRST Landbased trip to St Croix Details Sign Up
2019 Trips So Far..          
Raja Ampat Liveaboard Jan 24 - Feb 3, 2019 from $6195 Dive Damai II, luxurious liveaboard and amazing diving! 10 days Details Sign Up
Raja Ampat Liveaboard February 4-15, 209 from $6820 Dive Damai II, luxurious liveaboard and amazing diving! 11 days Details Sign Up
Belize Liveaboard March 9-16, 2019 from $2945 Belize Aggressor - Lighthouse Reef, Turneffe Reef & Moon Cay Details Sign Up
Philippines April 7-14, 2019 from $1199 Puerta Galera Details coming soon
Philippines April 14-21, 2019 from $1145 Anilao Details coming soon
CUBA Liveaboard Jun 30 - Jul 6, 2019 from $4000 Garden of the Queens & Saltwater Crocs!  Diving ONLY! Smoking EARLY Booking Deals! Details coming soon
CUBA Liveaboard July 6-13, 2019 from $4000 Garden of the Queens & Saltwater Crocs!  Diving ONLY! Smoking EARLY Booking Deals! Details coming soon
Hawaii Liveaboard Aug 31 - Sep 7, 2019 from $2785 Kona Aggressor - Heavenly Islands of Hawaii...AND MANTA RAYS, TURTLES, DOLPHINS! Details coming soon
2020 Trips So Far..          
Philippines Liveaboard TBD TBD Tubbataha & Best of Philippines - CUSTOM Itinerary!   coming soon
Cocos Liveaboard Sept 5-15, 2020 from $5499 IT's HAMMER TIME!!! Hammerheads that is & Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! Details coming soon
  YOUR DREAM DESTINATION  Tell us when & where?  We'll save you $$$ Let us book your individual travel Details  contact us