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Just back from my second dive trip with SingleDivers - this time to Roatan. It was simply awesome. Super fish, moray eels, beautiful corals, nice weather, and good music with Pup. I had a great roommate, a great dive buddy, and the whole group of 20 was a great mix of adventurous and fun people. As a special treat, we had interesting programs on yoga and wellness sessions to round out a perfect week in the crystal clear water. Donna Thompson @ 07/18/2017, 3:37 pm
I just completed my sixth dive trip with and I still can't get enough! I've been to Dominica twice, Florida, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Wakatobi. There are still so many more places I want to dive. They make diving so easy for me (I'm single with no dive friends.) I just get myself there and the rest is all taken care of. I have special dietary needs - no problem! If you forget something or need help, there is always someone to help out. And the group is always mixed so there is always someone you can relate to - dive nut, dive photographer, dive newbie, dive casual, dive joker, diver, dive, dive! Don't be nervous to just sign up, we've all been there - just do it, dive it, love it! Penny @ 06/23/2017, 8:30 am
Hi SD Friends, I did my first SingleDivers trip to Bonaire a few years ago and was so impressed with everything. Traveling alone and diving with people you don't know can be a dicey proposition. With SingleDivers I feel so much safer. Kamala only uses dive operators she knows to be good. And because she books groups year after year, she gets the best the resort has to offer. Most of the divers are very experienced and any new divers get lots of help and good advice from Kamala and the group. If you want a single room you can usually get one. If you want a roommate to save expenses your Roomie is carefully chosen. Your dive buddy is aldo carefully chosen to matc your air consumption and diving experience and style. My roomies and dive buddies have all been perfect for me. As a solo traveler and diver, I feel safest on my SingleDiver trips because of all of these things. And if something goes wrong, I am secure in the knowledge that Kamala will be a rabid advocate for me, making sure that I get taken care of if I am injured or ill. The trips are really great fun and I try to make as many of them as I can. Kamala amazes me every trip with her apparently boundless energy and enthusiasm. She make everything run smoothly and still makes every dive. Jaque, @ 06/22/2017, 8:11 pm
Hi SD Friends,
I came into this process as a new diver (with only 4 dives in a lake) , traveling alone and meeting up with 16 other people I had never met - in Bonaire. Turns out ..... Great Decision!!!!! It would be an understatement to say that this trip was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Being a scuba diver is a gift and having SingleDivers as a resource is the icing on the cake!!!! Kamala was thoughtful, knowledgable, responsive and resourceful. She took care of every detail! The boat crew (Endro and Carlos) were exceptional. The staff at the Divi always met you with a smile! Food was great, weather was perfect, water was ideal. Shore dive or Boat dive... it is ALL good!!!! As for the strangers I met upon arrival .....The SD people on the trip with me ....They were strangers that I now call friends because they each left a little footprint on my heart that I will carry with me always. If you are a new diver, experienced diver or somewhere in the middle.... spread the word about because this group/these trips could leave a footprint on your heart too and give you memories to last a lifetime. xo Jacqueline Hickey @ 02/23/2017, 12:14 pm
Hi to all SD members! I just recently went on the Bonaire trip this past week and have to say it was a wonderful experience. Like most of us on this trip it was my first experience with SD. Sooo, I certainly didn't know what to expect when I arrived.

I must say that Kamala truly makes these dive trips a time to remember. Everything that goes on behind the scenes so you as the diver does not have to deal with it is absolutely amazing. I cant thank the SD group enough for that.

In regards to the great group of people that was on the trip...It amazes me that when 17 strangers come together on a dive vacation and all are so ready to help one another. It just lends itself to the great dive community that has been assembled. We had a wide range of experience divers on this trip and you would never know it because everyone was looking and helping out where they could.

The boat crew was wonderful. Very good dive masters that took care of us all. The staff at the Divi Resort was also outstanding.

Last but certainly not least the new friends that I made on the trip I cant say enough about. I absolutely look forward to joining these people on another trip. Along with the long lasting friend ships that have been made.

GREAT JOB KAMALA!! You should be proud!! Richone (Todd) @ 02/21/2017, 5:21 am
Hi! I am a new diver and I can't say enough about how wonderfully Kamala organized the Bonaire trip for both safety and fun. The good news is there is plenty to see at less than 60 feet and often no need to even think about going deeper.

With 3 boat dives a day there were plenty of excellent opportunities to see many great fish on the reefs including an incredible moray eel ribboning his way along the coral beside us...truly amazing.

I was initially concerned about going on a diving trip by myself and decided to give the group a try. I was welcomed into the group - both as an older single female and as a new diver. I got the help I needed when I needed it.

Out of the water, I had a great time at lunch, dinner, and daily happy hours with the other divers. There were 3 new divers and 14 very experienced divers across 4 decades in age, yet the group somehow gelled to have a wonderful dive vacation.

I am planning my next trip with now! Donna Thompson @ 02/20/2017, 7:17 am
Hi!!! I'm Ksue but you can call me Karen.

I have a love for the water, on top and underneath. I'm always in awe being surrounded by beauty, peace, and God's gift that nourishes my soul. I get excited about little things. I can't dive anymore as I had a brain aneurysm in May 2011 - what I refer to as a "Brain Fart". It doesn't stop me from going on these trips. Through Single Divers - I have been to Dominica (May 2016) and Little Cayman (September 2016). I'll be going to Roatan with Single Divers in July 2017!

The person that inspires me and I admire is Kamala!!! She's fun, caring, passionate about Single Divers and life in the water!!! We are blessed to have her and Single Divers. Karen Smith @ 01/16/2017, 10:08 am
My only regret about discovering and joining Single Divers is that I didn't discover it and join sooner!! I've been diving on and off since 1985, with various groups, often just making my own arrangements, going alone and "tagging along". But now!!! I found SD a couple of years ago when I was wandering through a dive shop and saw an advertisement for a trip to Fiji. What diver doesn't want to go to Fiji but to arrange it myself - daunting. So I signed up!! Wow!! Epic!! Everything about it was great. Getting there was a great adventure but easy since we were "following the leader". All the arrangements were made, the people on the trip were friendly, great to dive with and Kamala was on top of everything. It was almost like being a kid on a class trip with no worries - but better!! I've been following the website and when I saw that SD was going back to Dominica I didn't hesitate. If it's one of the clubs favorite places, I've got to see it. So I'm practically counting the days till the trip in May and am looking forward to many more trips with SD. CommanderH @ 01/14/2017, 5:37 am
Posted 19 July 2016 - 09:06 PM Libradiver wrote:

Dominica was my first SD trip. I had been eyeing Madives but held off until I know SD was for me. And yes it was! Someone on the trip said how each person had qualities they enjoyed. So true. You could interact with a different person at every opportunity and your life was richer for it. It reminded me of the saying, "Travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you rich." I have booked the Maldives with so much joy and eying more. Thank you Kamala and the people that make SD what it is.

(Original post here - ) From Forums @ 01/12/2017, 8:28 am
I am so excited to have found a dive club. I think they are so important to be a part of. You meet new divers, learn the best spots to dive. Share pictures and stories. I can't wait to meet other members and go on trips with everyone. Oceanslayer @ 01/11/2017, 10:39 am
From the forums....Posted 01 May 2013 - 09:35 PM
Hello, I was on a trip to Bonaire and was diving alone, lucky for me SingleDivers were there also. This group of strangers adopted me immediately allowed me to dive,eat and enjoy the company of like mined divers. THANK YOU to all in this group, I had a wonderful time. Kamala you and your group are amazing and I feel privileged to have met you. I hope to be able to dive with this group again soon.

This is my first time in a forum so please advise of my mistakes on protocol

solocolo (aka) Steve

Posted 02 May 2013 - 10:58 AM

What Kamala said about the "feeling" is completely true. Being on two different trips, two different locations (6 months apart) and only knowing 2 of the 20 people on the trip from the previous trip this time. Even with me only knowing two people from the Roatan trip the Bonaire trip still had a very similar feeling to the Roatan trip. Every group is a little different but overall it's a great group of people.
- ScubaTurtle

FOR ALL THE POSTS RELATED TO THIS INTRO please see here: Steve aka SoloColo @ 01/09/2017, 11:55 am
New to the club and once I got my membership upgraded, the website was very intuitive once things got rolling. Thanks for the help WreckWench, and Dive_Sail_Etc too. Looking forward to reaching my favorite health SPA, 80-90 ft below sea level at Bonaire :-) So glad that I discovered Single Divers, so many options to choose and plan for throughout the year. You know, life use to be a 'sunny beach', then I learn to dive :-) Get with it! Dive for fun, dive for life! James Bair, @ 12/16/2016, 7:25 pm
The absolute best part of being able to plan an exotic (and expensive) dive vacation one or two years in advance is to be able to budget and pay the cost over time. Yes, even I cringe at a dive trip that edges into the $5,000.00 or more price range, but being able to budget this large amount into lesser monthly or quarterly payments is the best way I know to be able to finally go on my many "Bucket List" dive trips!
And, if there is more time to pay off the diving & lodging, then it’s easier on the wallet when it’s time to purchase the airfare to get there.

The second best part is knowing the confirmed dates far enough in advance to avoid calendar conflicts and ensure that everything else is planned around my Bucket List trip! Life is too short to keep putting off dive trips, so a huge "thank you" to for enabling us to plan far enough in advance to actually afford to GO DIVING IN EXOTIC PLACES!

This is OFFICALLY my favorite DIVE CLUB! Susan J Thrasher @ 12/02/2016, 6:43 am
Like all of us, I'm worried about scammers. Not having heard of Single Divers before, I was hesitant in "signing up" for the Best of Mexico trip July 2016, before doing some Google research.

I was glad to find that SD and its founder, Kamala, are bonafide participants in the recreational diving community. This is evidenced by their participation in annual trade shows, (e.g., DEMA, Beneath the Sea, etc.), which I find is a great indicator of a dive operation's dedication to the sport. I was also impressed that SD has been in business for 13 years - not an easy accomplishment. On top of that I was pleased to see SD getting some good press in UNDERCURRENT, a respected dive periodical. That was enough legitimacy for me. I was satisfied SD isn't a scam!

I suppose I should have stopped there but, what the heck, I Googled Kamala's name. I saw a clip of her giving at a trade show interview doing a great job of explaining what SD was about. And it was also nice to see Kamala has an MBA and, as such, has the marketing knowledge and "people" skills needed to make her business succeed.

So I signed up for the Best of Mexico and had a blast! I enjoyed three days of diving the beautiful waters around Cozumel and doing a night boat dive observing octopuses, large crabs and other critters. The trip also included two items on my bucket list: cenote diving and snorkeling with whale sharks! Loved them both, especially the two days with whale sharks. I don't know of any dive organization, other than Single Divers, that really offered a "Best of Mexico" trip - it was awesome.

I have to say thanks to Kamala - she's personable, a great leader and organizer; never hesitated to answer a question or concern, or offer advice. She did her best to ensure we all had a great time. I was satisfied so much with my overall experience that I signed up for the 10 day Maldives Liveaboard trip March 2017! Walter Brodrick @ 07/13/2016, 8:47 am
Last August I wrote about my experience with Single Divers after my trip to Roatan. At that time I was planning my bucket list trip to Wakatobi. Now, ten months later, I can say that my Wakatobi trip exceeded my expectations. It was everything SD promised and more. But it doesn't stop there. I just returned from Dominica and I can't wait to go back. The diving was fantastic and once again, I can say that the new people I met were great. It seems wherever we go, the resort people and the dive operators know our group leader, Kamala, and provide our group with extra attention. We always have our own boat and the best dive masters who bring us to the best dive sites. Isn't that what it's all about.
Thanks Kamala and Single Divers.
MizTee Sandra Tulenko, @ 06/19/2016, 5:46 am
There would be more testimonials more often, but most of us are too busy GOING DIVING with SingleDivers.Com. However, I’ve been diving with the group since 2008 and it’s time for me to write something…………

This group really does include all skill levels of diving. Once you fill out the short survey about your diving skills and preferences, you are matched with another diver of similar skills and interests on the first dive day. After a few dives together, you both decide if you want to continue to be dive buddies for the trip or not. One of many great things about this group is the flexibility of finding a dive buddy, or a mini dive group, for whatever type of diving you enjoy. Photographers go slower, new divers might want to stay shallow, some divers prefer to go deep and plan a shorter dive, and there are those of us who actually expect a normal dive to be at least 70 minutes and will still be within all safe diving parameters.

It truly doesn’t matter you don’t know anyone before signing up for a trip. One of the main reasons SingleDivers.Com exists, (besides the obvious to travel and dive), is to AVOID paying the single traveler penalty when going on a group trip. Most of us who travel and dive a lot have been STUCK with a horrid roomie on a dive boat just because we were the solo traveler. Or, if you sign up for a trip thru a local dive shop, they expect you to find/bring your own roomie or you must pay the single penalty. NOT SO with! This is the only dive group that I have found that encourages individual divers to sign up for GREAT dive travel, then will try to match you with a compatible roommate, (who may or may not be your dive buddy). If you and your roomie are not compatible after the first few days, NO PROBLEM, as Kamala will help to find other divers that would be happy to change rooms. Yes, 89% of the time there would be the option for a private room if this is your preference. However, it’s very cool to know that quite a few of the roomies have become good friends.

SingleDivers.Com and Kamala are well-known and respected within the dive industry. This translates into more ‘muscle’ to find great prices for wonderful dive locations that we might not be able to afford if we went there on our own. {Wakatobi, Maldives, Grenada, Bonaire, etc}. Kamala also plans the trip to include such great conveniences as airport transportation, several meals, early booking discounts, and also offers options to arrive a few days early or stay a few days after the trip at a good rate.
This ‘muscle’ is also present during the entire dive trip – if you have a problem with anything or anyone during the trip, just talk to Kamala and she will work to get it fixed/changed/adapted/quarantined. It’s good to have the Owner of the dive group on each trip!

Just to be fair, there are a few things that could be improved. Sometimes it might take a few days to get a reply from Kamala, which usually means that she is currently leading a dive trip overseas and may not have access to the internet for a few days. And, if she’s in the middle of booking our next dive trip, she needs a bit of time to get that done before replying to individual emails. There WILL be a reply, so just be patient.
The new improved online booking system has been marvelous, but as with any new technology there are a few glitches to fix. Kamala has excellent volunteers that are truly creating (and fixing) miracles behind the scenes to help the system run smoothly so we can GO DIVING. The paperwork has to be completed before any trip, but at least with the new booking system we can get it done easily online.

Yes, the previous paragraphs sound like a ‘sales pitch’ for SingleDivers.Com. No problem for you to think this since it’s all true from my personal observations.
To put all of this into my perspective: Later this week SD.Com has a trip to Dominica (May 2016), and it will be my 21st trip (and counting…) with since 2008.

The short version ---

The #1 reason why I return to dive with SD.Com and Kamala is that she makes it so EASY to GO DIVING: great locations, good prices, warm water, and LOTS of diving with a great mix of divers from all over.
The #2 reason, she personally goes on 99% of the dives on each trip. If she is still in the water with us after 70+ minutes, the dive master or boat captain know better than to tell her to surface since she’s the group leader, so we get to dive to the safe limits of our computers.
The #3 reason, thanks mostly to SingleDivers.Com, I will log dive #2,000 in 2017!

LET’S GO DIVING! Susan J Thrasher @ 05/23/2016, 8:36 am
Oh where to start! I've been a member of SingleDivers since 2008 and my first trip was to Bonaire in 2009. That was the first of many trips I've done to some absolutely phenomenal places around the world. The great people I've met have become an integral part of my life. The memories I have from these trips and the dives we did have become a big part of who I am. The rock and roll drift dives in Cozumel, the Blue corner in Palau, dives deep inside WWII shipwrecks in Chuuk, wall dives in Grand Cayman and so many many more. There are a myriad of above water sights as well. the ruins in Chitzin itza, the gun emplacements in Chuuk, the battlefield of Peleliu jump to my mind. All these are great memories. But the People I’ve met on SingleDivers trips are the best of all. I have friends I’ll never forget as a result of the trips I've taken. come on a trip with SD and find some lifelong friends too!! Jerry Smeltzer @ 05/23/2016, 4:25 am
Having been a diver for about 30 years, I have been on numerous dive trips. I have been lucky enough to do some of those trips with family and friends, but the majority were by myself. That left me with the option of paying the single supplement, or taking my chances with the mystery roommate and dive buddy. That has left me with a wide range of experiences, as far as roommates and buddies go. Some good, some OK, and some bad. There have also been a number of trips where I was in a group of 16 or so divers, but I felt as if I was on that trip all alone. I stumbled across Kamala, and her company, a number of years ago while at Beneath the Sea. My dive trips, and diving experiences have changed significantly since then. No more concern for a single supplement, I am regularly matched with roommates and dive buddies that I will happily room and dive with again, and there is always a group feeling on the trips. In an age of most things being internet related in one way or another, this online dive club is wonderful. I have made many new friends, and look forward to many more trips in the future, where I continue to meet new dive buddies. Diver Ed @ 05/22/2016, 2:08 pm
Been a member of SingleDivers for a few years but never was able to get away on a trip...until this year. I was lucky enough to get to cross off one of my "bucket list" dives sites, Truk Lagoon. Not only did SingleDivers arrange a great trip but the group was friendly and willing to pass on their knowledge and experience without making anyone feel self-conscious. The boat, the staff, and the group made a great dive experience into a great life experience. I will definitely do many more SingleDiver trips! ScubaScar @ 05/22/2016, 2:57 am
I just returned from my bucket list dive trip - Wakatobi in Indonesia. The quality of diving, the resort and staff was well beyond my expectations and made it all possible. I'm a single woman and a year ago could not imagine how to bring diving back into my life. Now, I'm three trips in with this great group and I enjoyed my 100th dive half way around the world at one of the best dive locations in the world. Click on Trips right now and start planning your next dive! Hesitant because you have medical or special dietary needs? Hasn't been a problem for me, each trip has been more then accommodating. Just pick a trip, get yourself there and the rest falls into place. See you underwater! Penny Haughwout @ 11/08/2015, 9:14 am
I recently did the Bonaire trip. I can't say enough about how this trip exceed my best expectations. Diving was awesome, accommodations great, group was very fun, Met some wonderful people and simply had a truly great time. Kamala does a wonderful job orchestrating the event, will definately do another and would highly recommend. Jerry Albright, singledivers @ 10/03/2015, 5:46 am
Bonaire 2015 was my first time on a SD trip. I had a fantastic time. Everything was very well organized and it seemed a perfect balance of group and on your own time. The resort was nicer than I expected. Kamala did an ideal job with my buddy and roommate match.

I highly recommend a SD trip to anyone. marcia huston @ 09/15/2015, 1:21 pm
I have been on FOUR SingleDiver trips and every one of them has been Truly Amazing! They were not only affordable, but I didn't have to worry about constantly pulling out my wallet to pay for something else! Most of the trips are all inclusive (other than extra excursions/tours) and worry free!
The people you will meet are FANTASTIC! I've made so many new friends all over the world and many of them have been on more than 1 trip with me so I get to see them again! Truly great people of all ages and great fun!
As a young female, I worried that I would not feel safe traveling alone and meeting up with people that I didn't know. But when going on SD trips, I feel completely safe and taken care of!
Kamala works very hard to ensure that your trip goes smoothly and if there are any issues, she's there to listen and help make it right! The resorts will go out of their way to make you comfortable because they are so thrilled to be having SDs at their resorts! The staff is always amazing, attentive and willing to go the extra mile to make your trip wonderful!
Thank you SD for making it possible for me to travel the world and do what I love the most! DIVING!! Shelly Fincher @ 09/07/2015, 3:33 pm
I spent the week of my birthday diving with Single Divers in Roatan and can honestly say that it was the best birthday and probably one of the best dive trips I've been on. The diving was great but what really made this special was the people. It was a great mix of personalities that blended very well. This was my first trip that I didn't bring my own dive buddy and it couldn't have gone any better. Kamala makes sure that everyone feels at home and is part of the gang so if you don't have a dive buddy, no worries. This is the group to go with. bjack1100 @ 08/25/2015, 6:33 am
I just returned from Roatan. Diving and the company were great again!!! I joined in 2004 and have been on many trips with Kamala. Diving with Kamala is never disappointing. She always takes good care of her divers. ariesno1 @ 08/21/2015, 4:59 am
I just returned from a Single Divers trip to Roatan and it was great. This was a leap of faith for me because until recently, I had one dive buddy for 15 years. We dove several times a year and had our favorite spots. Now I am diving in new places with new dive buddies. What took me so long? Single Divers members are just like me. We want to dive all day and talk diving all night. It's great to have new dive friends. I just planned a bucket list trip to Bali and Wakatobi that I would never have done if it wasn't for Single Divers. Thank you Kamala, for your hard work and dedication to making Single Divers such a comfortable environment. You do a great job. MizTee 8/18/15 MizTee @ 08/18/2015, 5:12 am
Having recently become a "single diver" by finding it hard to coordinate trips with dive buddies and no longer being in a relationship with a mermaid, I found myself in uncharted waters. You see, I have a health condition that requires warm clear waters, compressed air, and good company. And I was experiencing some serious withdrawals. I raised my surface buoy (Google), which was more of a distressed diver's S.O.S., and immediately found the dive adventure vessel at my side.
Captain Kamala and her first mates offered a welcoming hand and a warm heart. I never felt as if I was boarding the ship as an unwanted stranger. I immediately discovered that this was a seasoned vessel under good leadership that knew very well how to navigate the uncharted waters I was in.
Everything was very easy. Kamala and the crew were always available to assist this layman, and I am grateful for it. My fellow shipmates were also friendly and were just like me. We bonded easily. The sailing was easy and we arrived in Roatán with no problem. As suspected, I found the islanders welcoming back Capt. Kamala and her ship of divers with open arms. It was obvious that she had ported here before and knew how to mingle and mediate a safe haven for our stay.
The relationship with the dive shop was ship-shape and we were well taken care of. This was not a cattle boat operation. The Dive Shop, Dive Master, and crew could not have been any better. The diving in Roatán was spectacular and my withdrawal symptoms were cured (although I suspect only temporarily). All is well again.
Unfortunately, I had to return to the mainland. The vessel dropped me off at the airport and Captain Kamala welcomed me to come back aboard anytime. To be honest, I'm trying to think of a way to stowaway! :) Rusty Reef @ 08/17/2015, 1:11 pm
Like many before me, I was a diver that was looking to travel but was having a hard time coordinating schedules with friends to go on dive trips. I wasn't keen on tagging along with local dive shops and clubs that already had established cliques and where I would come in as the outsider trying to break into the group.

Nor was a wild about the idea of showing up at a dive resort and being that guy sitting alone at the dinner table and paying really high single room supplements. I also dreaded the spin the bottle approach of assigning dive buddies where I would inevitably get either the DCS waiting to happen diver, the which way did he go diver, or the did you see the big "S" on my chest diver!

Then I found and Kamala. I took a leap of faith and gave it a try. Now seven dive trips later in the last 3 years, my only regret is that I didn't find the site sooner! There are no cliques to break into. Every trip is a mix of new and some old friends from varying dive and social backgrounds. You have many professional divers with thousands of dives and newer divers just beginning to find their way. The mix is balanced and gives every diver no matter their experience level the ability to really get what they specifically want out of their dive vacation.

Kamala does a great job of pairing divers in and out of the water. You end up with a great dive buddy and a great roommate if you want to avoid those single supplements. You can be as social and engaging as you want or do your own thing, all while always having the bargaining power and advantages of traveling with a group and a trip leader that is respected and listened to by the resort and dive op.

I have learned more about diving in the last three years than I did in the ten years before my first singledivers trip. Being around such great divers and people in general elevated me. I've followed Kamala from the relatively close Bahamas to the other side of the planet in the Maldives. All the while feeling confident that I would benefit from her years of experience traveling the globe, avoiding the pitfalls that others fall into when they do it on their on or with less experienced operators.

To put it simply, singledivers makes dive travel easy and worry free, whether traveling with someone or traveling alone. Best decision I've ever made joining that first trip! Heading to Bonaire next month for trip number eight! Jose Russa @ 08/09/2015, 4:29 am
I have to say I am amazed at the improvement in the website. I love Single Divers, but the former website was not the best and could be cumbersome. This new interface is flawless and combines everything seamlessly. You can enter your information for one trip and the critical stuff is retained for the next trip. You can see your account balance for your trip and make payments, even pay on different trips now. It is really a great new website and new and old members should give Kamala and the website team applause for the hard work that has produced such an amazing website. Chris Hardham @ 07/18/2015, 3:36 pm
I have been on 6 Single Divers trips in the last 4 years and have always had a very good time. I am naturally leary of 'group tours' having been on a few and experiencing dissatisfaction with the operation or incompatibility with the other guests, but this hasn't happened with Single Divers. All my roommates and everyone in the group have been great; interesting people who share a love of diving and a respect for the ocean. The facilities and dive guides have been top shelf, and we receive superior service vs. just showing up at the dive shop (and being put into a group that may not be compatable with the way you like to dive). I've met great dive buddies, learned how to become a better diver, and experienced some truly fantastic diving throughout the world. It's a fun group. Handyman @ 06/28/2015, 9:40 am
I stumbled upon the SD table at the Beneath the Sea expo (NJ) and kept them in mind as I was planning my next dive trip. As a single traveler/diver the prices were astronomical and unaffordable. I also wasn’t impressed with the destinations my local shop was visiting year after year after year. So I took a chance and booked a trip with SingleDivers and haven’t looked back.

It was easy to book and a great value. I didn’t have to work out all the trip details myself, negotiate rates or haggle for extra’s. And no dreaded single supplement! Package pricing was a huge benefit – with accommodations, diving, some meals, airport transfers, etc. I could otherwise not have afforded to do this trip on my own, and would have likely paid double. Without SD I would have missed this destination and others.

Through SD, I was assured of a qualified & similarly skilled buddy. SingleDivers does an awesome job at matchmaking for dive buddies and roommates. There is a short questionnaire to fill out pre-departure and Dive Guru Kamala makes great matches.

Everyone on the trip was very friendly and while we spent a lot of time on the boat together there was plenty of opportunities to do your own thing. The other travelers were from all over the world and all ages. Over the course of the week I got to know everyone and learned a lot from more experienced divers. Throughout the week there were planned social activities and happy hour, but it never felt forced or like camp for adults – just enough.

The diving was great and the shop treated our group very well because of their relationship with Kamala.
Since that first trip, I’ve done a few more and each time it’s been a great value, great people and great diving (why go to less than stellar sites?). Looking forward to more easy travel and awesome trips in the future! FishFriend @ 06/25/2015, 5:34 am
Great trips. Have done two and will be on another in September. Website is a work-in-progress, so bear with them. Tandoorii @ 06/24/2015, 4:18 pm
In November 2004, I was watching something on TV, two ladies were talking about the fabulous dive trip they had been on with I no longer had a dive buddy and was very interested in this. My first trip with Kamala was to Grenada in September of 2005. I have been on 8 trips since then and they all have been fabulous. She is a taskmaster when it comes to comfortable dive buddy's and roommate situation and I have not had one problem. I will be continuing to dive with Kamala and Singledivers for many years to come!!!!! Come and join us for a fabulous time. little mermaid @ 06/20/2015, 11:55 am

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