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Testimonials is exactly what a solo diver needs:
1. Selection of great locations to dive with coordination of diving services with accommodations and meals.
2. Planning and coordination of the dives.
2. Help with transfer between the airport and the dive resort.
3. Creating an inclusive friendly environment for all the folks regardless of experience level and ability.

I am very thankful for the great support Kamala provides. I am sure that I will not go on a dive trip away from Tom Merz @ 03/27/2024, 2:59 pm
I just returned from my first trip to Bonaire, March 4-11, 2023, in a word it was fabulous. As a 68 year old female, newer diver traveling solo, I was apprehensive to pay money to a dive tour company found on the internet. Was it a scam? Would I be stranded at the Bonaire airport? So I was relieved when I met Kamala, the owner of SD, and a very experienced diver with over 5000 dives.

The Divi Dive Flamingo Resort is beautiful and right on the water, so no bus ride to the dock and its only a 10 min walk into town. I had been on two previous dive trips that could best be described as "concierge diving" where the crew picked up your dive gear and set up the equipment for each dive. Although it seemed wonderful at the time, I never learned how to connect / care for the BCD, regulator, weights etc. Kamala educated me in setting up my own tank because at the end of the day it's my life that's at risk. It's ok to trust (someone else to set up the equipment) but it's vital that you can verify the proper set up yourself.

What makes SD unique is the option to "Rent-A-Buddy" (RAB) or 'Rent-A-Mentor' (RAM), meaning Kamala takes you under her wing. If you are willing to learn, Kamala will teach you how to improve your dive technique. In my open water program I read about neutral buoyancy but never really understood the principle nor ever experienced it until the end of my week in Bonaire. Kamala gave me feedback after each dive re what I did right and what I did wrong and, how to get better. She explained it in a way I, a technically challenged attorney, could understand. When it comes to diving, I am a slow learner and need a lot of repetition before things begin to make sense but Kamala was patient and did not give up on me. On my last dive I finally experienced neutral buoyancy and could feel myself rising and falling with each breath, it was wonderful! The level of instruction I received was way beyond what I anticipated when I signed up for the RAB. Learning proper dive technique and equipment set up was an empowering moment because it did not come easy for me.

Another unique aspect of SD is that its geared towards those of us without dive partners. In my two prior experiences with dive groups I was the only "solo" on board and at times felt very much the "3rd wheel". SD is a much more inclusive, friendlier group and I am already planning my next dive trip with Kamala.

Just in case you too are a skeptic when reading positive reviews, I may be contacted through my website:

Happy Diving!
Elsa aka Moby Jane Elsa Burchinow, @ 03/15/2023, 11:00 am
I can’t stress enough how happy I am to have found It is a life changer if you like to dive and don’t have a dive buddy.

I was at a loss when I found myself with no dive buddy. I also had no dive shop as the one I was certified from had gone out of business. I also moved to a new area. While on a trip to Mexico with non-diving friends, I decided I was still going to dive. I found a dive shop near the resort that had really good reviews. I talked to them in advance and stated I would pay for a DM to be with me if needed. I was paired with another new diver, and we had a DM for just us. It worked out well due to the DM, but the dive buddy I had was not interested in being a dive buddy. I knew I did not want to do that all the time.

Luckily, I had a friend tell me about I checked them out and liked what I saw. I signed up. Kamala and other members were very welcoming right away. A month later I booked my first dive trip with them to Roatan over New Years. It was even better than I expected.

I booked a single room as I didn’t really know anybody yet, but I am sure it would have been fine with double occupancy as well. There was a lot of information prior to the trip about what to expect, how things will go, and extras that you can book. All the details were covered and taken care of so that we can enjoy our trip to the fullest. When I arrived at Roatan airport, it was easy to spot the shuttle driver. There were a few others on the same flight in our group. Right away, everyone was very nice, and I instantly had new friends. Kamala was there in advance of the formal trip dates to ensure everything was ready for us. We also had meals together, which was nice not worrying about having someone to eat with.

I was also happy about the Rent A Buddy program. I was able to hire Kamala for the week as a buddy and mentor. I learned so much, and I am much more confident diving. I know what things I need to work on to improve my ability. The other members of the group are more than willing to help if you need something or have questions. The dive crew and PADI shop were amazing! I am confident she always picks great locations and resorts. I have signed up for my second trip and am planning my 3rd and 4th trips already. I can’t wait! Melinda Allison, @ 01/18/2023, 11:44 pm
I have just completed my 9th trip with, and another fabulous trip it was. Kudos to Kamala for organizing the group, making sure everyone arrived okay, had a great time, had all their needs met and made sure everyone made their departure from the resort on time also. We not only rung out the old year and brought in the New Year diving, we also had Pup Morse 'The Scuba Cowboy' playing for us during the week. It was a great time and as these trips go, I arrived solo and left after making new friends and dive buddies. Yes, I arrived solo, but I was buddied up with a like minded roommate and dive buddy. Aside from the great diving, that is what these trips are all about. You don't have a significant other that dives? do not have a regular dive buddy? or just circumstances are that you cannot get your schedule to jive with your regular buddies schedule, then these trips are for you. No single supplement, just show up and the trip is all put together. Thank you Kamala again for another great SCUBA Diving experience. Keith Krause, @ 01/13/2023, 3:11 pm
I did my first trip December 31st-January 6th 2023 to Roatan. This group was incredible! Kamala made me feel so welcome and made things easy! Every detail was taken care of from arrival to departure. Cocoview was a resort were the staff and diving team was top notch. The dive masters were so knowledgeable of the area and made sure everything was taken care of from setting up our gear to making sure the plan of the dive was outlined with details. I loved so much that I decided to be part of the volunteer team! I can’t wait for my next trip! Thank you Kamala for everything you do and making my first experience so memorable! Nichole Rothe @ 01/09/2023, 5:08 pm