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I have just completed my 2nd dive trip with I was very hesitant as they are an online company and there are so many scams now a days. So I watched for 2 years before making the jump. I still wasn’t sure. So when a liveaboard in Hawaii came up as a trip I knew it was time. No companies go to Hawaii. I even phoned the Aggressor Fleet to make sure they were a reputable company. They only raved about So off I went, I took the plunge... and am I glad I did! I didn’t even finish the first trip and my 2nd was booked! They were that good. Kamala takes care of every detail. My roommate and dive buddy were very well matched. I now have friends from across the continent and am excited about making more. Please join me on my next adventure... I have 2 more trips booked already and will be doing even more trips over the years! Cecile Martin @ 02/04/2020, 4:08 pm
Just returned from my very first liveaboard trip in Turks & Caicos with SingleDivers and what a blast it was! The people, the food, the boat, the crew, the fish - everything was top notch. Did the Rent-A-Buddy program since I hadn't been diving in a few years and watched my skills improve exponentially over the course of the week - highly recommend the program. Made lots of new dive buddies from all over the US and Canada. Can't wait to do my next trip with these guys. Tena West @ 01/28/2020, 6:10 pm
Hello from Washington STATE...not the nation's capital!! Little Cayman was my 2nd trip with Singledivers and won't be the last! If you are someone who is looking for a group that will embrace you as a single (or married but buddyless) diver...this is the group for you!! This is not a dating group as on my last trip greater than 50% of us, including me, were either married, or in a committed relationship. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe way to travel and dive...whether you are a single person, or someone in a relationship with someone who does not/cannot/will not dive. Travelling alone sucks! Showing up on a boat alone and being buddied with a total stranger sucks! Kamala makes it possible for us to be a part of a group and not alone. Couples are also welcome on these trips, whether both are divers, or a mixed couple (one diver and one non-diver). I had such a great time on both trips...diving and socializing with new friends. I can't wait for my next trip...already have one booked for 2019 and another in the wings. Kamala provides a destination every month of the year, so it's a matter of deciding where you want to go, or when you want to go...there's something available. Kamala also guarantees that if you request a roommate, a compatible roommate will be never have to pay the single occupancy rate...a HUGE benefit! You will also be buddied with a diver for the week that has a similar dive profile to yours so both can enjoy the dives. Of course adjustments can be made, but in my experience, Kamala is really good at matching both roommates and dive buddies. If you fit the description of a "single diver" who loves to dive but lacks a travel/dive companion...look no further, this is the group for you! One thing to be aware of will probably need to increase your travel/dive budget because once you go one one trip, you'll be hooked!!! were both instrumental in making my last trip soooooo enjoyable! Hope to dive with you again soon! Larry Holcomb @ 09/18/2018, 2:50 pm
Hello to all from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I just finished my first trip with to Little Cayman and what a fun and pleasurable trip it was. We had a great turnout of eighteen divers, all of them strangers to me at the start but I can honestly say that I would be more than happy to dive and party with any and all of them again. The trip was everything that I hoped it would be, from a great resort with a first rate diving operation, the awesome diving, and of course, meeting all the new fun and interesting people. Kamala really knows her stuff and does a rockin job of putting things together and keeping us all steered in the right direction so everything goes smoothly. I am very much looking forward to booking another trip with Kamala and hopefully seeing some of my new dive buddies again and also gaining some new ones too!

Man from Atlantis Michael Martinez @ 09/17/2018, 4:01 pm
Hello from Pennsylvania,
I just got back from my 6th trip to Little Cayman Beach Club. SingleDivers offers turn key diving vacations, but allows you to book your airfare to the meeting point with miles or your preference to airlines and departure airport.
Its easy, just take a look at the schedule, booking is simple with secure online payments. Some trips offer up tp 5 dives a day, with 3 to 4 being average, and a night dive or 2.
This group of divers are easy going, all levels of experience, and a mix of people from all over. I have dived with some divers more than once, and other trips I was matched with someone of my experience level and dive style--great. They also do a roommate matching so there is no single supplement here.
I have done Tobago, Dominica, Best of Florida trip, T&C Aggressor liveaboard, Puerto Galera in the Philippines. Little Cayman was my 6th trip. I am also scheduled for Raja Ampat in February of next year, can't get here soon enough.
Some of the best things are the details......Example--Tobago. On our second day, Nitrox compressor broke, we switched to air, which broke and on the islands they said we'll dive when its fixed. Like, are you serious. Kamala came to the rescue, and all of a sudden, the resort was running to other operators for nitrox and air. Also at this resort, the food was great and plentiful, but took forever to order and get lunch to get back to diving. Kamala again, worked out the problem, order lunch at breakfast and it was waiting on us. Cool.
I guess if I would had been there myself, without the group, I would have ended up with 2 days diving, and very short lunches, if any at all.
So the cherry on the top is Kamala, the on trip dive planner/diver who makes the trip happen as listed. Brian Garrison @ 09/16/2018, 3:48 am