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I am so excited to have found a dive club. I think they are so important to be a part of. You meet new divers, learn the best spots to dive. Share pictures and stories. I can't wait to meet other members and go on trips with everyone. Oceanslayer @ 01/11/2017, 10:39 am
From the forums....Posted 01 May 2013 - 09:35 PM
Hello, I was on a trip to Bonaire and was diving alone, lucky for me SingleDivers were there also. This group of strangers adopted me immediately allowed me to dive,eat and enjoy the company of like mined divers. THANK YOU to all in this group, I had a wonderful time. Kamala you and your group are amazing and I feel privileged to have met you. I hope to be able to dive with this group again soon.

This is my first time in a forum so please advise of my mistakes on protocol

solocolo (aka) Steve

Posted 02 May 2013 - 10:58 AM

What Kamala said about the "feeling" is completely true. Being on two different trips, two different locations (6 months apart) and only knowing 2 of the 20 people on the trip from the previous trip this time. Even with me only knowing two people from the Roatan trip the Bonaire trip still had a very similar feeling to the Roatan trip. Every group is a little different but overall it's a great group of people.
- ScubaTurtle

FOR ALL THE POSTS RELATED TO THIS INTRO please see here: Steve aka SoloColo @ 01/09/2017, 11:55 am
New to the club and once I got my membership upgraded, the website was very intuitive once things got rolling. Thanks for the help WreckWench, and Dive_Sail_Etc too. Looking forward to reaching my favorite health SPA, 80-90 ft below sea level at Bonaire :-) So glad that I discovered Single Divers, so many options to choose and plan for throughout the year. You know, life use to be a 'sunny beach', then I learn to dive :-) Get with it! Dive for fun, dive for life! James Bair, @ 12/16/2016, 7:25 pm
The absolute best part of being able to plan an exotic (and expensive) dive vacation one or two years in advance is to be able to budget and pay the cost over time. Yes, even I cringe at a dive trip that edges into the $5,000.00 or more price range, but being able to budget this large amount into lesser monthly or quarterly payments is the best way I know to be able to finally go on my many "Bucket List" dive trips!
And, if there is more time to pay off the diving & lodging, then it’s easier on the wallet when it’s time to purchase the airfare to get there.

The second best part is knowing the confirmed dates far enough in advance to avoid calendar conflicts and ensure that everything else is planned around my Bucket List trip! Life is too short to keep putting off dive trips, so a huge "thank you" to for enabling us to plan far enough in advance to actually afford to GO DIVING IN EXOTIC PLACES!

This is OFFICALLY my favorite DIVE CLUB! Susan J Thrasher @ 12/02/2016, 6:43 am
Like all of us, I'm worried about scammers. Not having heard of Single Divers before, I was hesitant in "signing up" for the Best of Mexico trip July 2016, before doing some Google research.

I was glad to find that SD and its founder, Kamala, are bonafide participants in the recreational diving community. This is evidenced by their participation in annual trade shows, (e.g., DEMA, Beneath the Sea, etc.), which I find is a great indicator of a dive operation's dedication to the sport. I was also impressed that SD has been in business for 13 years - not an easy accomplishment. On top of that I was pleased to see SD getting some good press in UNDERCURRENT, a respected dive periodical. That was enough legitimacy for me. I was satisfied SD isn't a scam!

I suppose I should have stopped there but, what the heck, I Googled Kamala's name. I saw a clip of her giving at a trade show interview doing a great job of explaining what SD was about. And it was also nice to see Kamala has an MBA and, as such, has the marketing knowledge and "people" skills needed to make her business succeed.

So I signed up for the Best of Mexico and had a blast! I enjoyed three days of diving the beautiful waters around Cozumel and doing a night boat dive observing octopuses, large crabs and other critters. The trip also included two items on my bucket list: cenote diving and snorkeling with whale sharks! Loved them both, especially the two days with whale sharks. I don't know of any dive organization, other than Single Divers, that really offered a "Best of Mexico" trip - it was awesome.

I have to say thanks to Kamala - she's personable, a great leader and organizer; never hesitated to answer a question or concern, or offer advice. She did her best to ensure we all had a great time. I was satisfied so much with my overall experience that I signed up for the 10 day Maldives Liveaboard trip March 2017! Walter Brodrick @ 07/13/2016, 8:47 am