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Recently back from Turks & Caicos trip on Explorer Ventures live-aboard. This was my first trip with SD and also first live-aboard. I was worried I'd be bored, as 2 dives/day are usually enough for me. But there is always someone to talk with or old "Sea Hunt" episodes to watch! SD is the best organized tour operator I've been with and quick to respond to any other questions. My roommate and dive buddy match worked very well. Everyone on the trip put safety first and was friendly and cooperative. A fun and relaxing trip--I will be back! Cynthia Robison @ 12/13/2017, 4:48 am
Just back from my second dive trip with SingleDivers - this time to Roatan. It was simply awesome. Super fish, moray eels, beautiful corals, nice weather, and good music with Pup. I had a great roommate, a great dive buddy, and the whole group of 20 was a great mix of adventurous and fun people. As a special treat, we had interesting programs on yoga and wellness sessions to round out a perfect week in the crystal clear water. Donna Thompson @ 07/18/2017, 3:37 pm
I just completed my sixth dive trip with and I still can't get enough! I've been to Dominica twice, Florida, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Wakatobi. There are still so many more places I want to dive. They make diving so easy for me (I'm single with no dive friends.) I just get myself there and the rest is all taken care of. I have special dietary needs - no problem! If you forget something or need help, there is always someone to help out. And the group is always mixed so there is always someone you can relate to - dive nut, dive photographer, dive newbie, dive casual, dive joker, diver, dive, dive! Don't be nervous to just sign up, we've all been there - just do it, dive it, love it! Penny @ 06/23/2017, 8:30 am
Hi SD Friends, I did my first SingleDivers trip to Bonaire a few years ago and was so impressed with everything. Traveling alone and diving with people you don't know can be a dicey proposition. With SingleDivers I feel so much safer. Kamala only uses dive operators she knows to be good. And because she books groups year after year, she gets the best the resort has to offer. Most of the divers are very experienced and any new divers get lots of help and good advice from Kamala and the group. If you want a single room you can usually get one. If you want a roommate to save expenses your Roomie is carefully chosen. Your dive buddy is aldo carefully chosen to matc your air consumption and diving experience and style. My roomies and dive buddies have all been perfect for me. As a solo traveler and diver, I feel safest on my SingleDiver trips because of all of these things. And if something goes wrong, I am secure in the knowledge that Kamala will be a rabid advocate for me, making sure that I get taken care of if I am injured or ill. The trips are really great fun and I try to make as many of them as I can. Kamala amazes me every trip with her apparently boundless energy and enthusiasm. She make everything run smoothly and still makes every dive. Jaque, @ 06/22/2017, 8:11 pm
Hi SD Friends,
I came into this process as a new diver (with only 4 dives in a lake) , traveling alone and meeting up with 16 other people I had never met - in Bonaire. Turns out ..... Great Decision!!!!! It would be an understatement to say that this trip was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Being a scuba diver is a gift and having SingleDivers as a resource is the icing on the cake!!!! Kamala was thoughtful, knowledgable, responsive and resourceful. She took care of every detail! The boat crew (Endro and Carlos) were exceptional. The staff at the Divi always met you with a smile! Food was great, weather was perfect, water was ideal. Shore dive or Boat dive... it is ALL good!!!! As for the strangers I met upon arrival .....The SD people on the trip with me ....They were strangers that I now call friends because they each left a little footprint on my heart that I will carry with me always. If you are a new diver, experienced diver or somewhere in the middle.... spread the word about because this group/these trips could leave a footprint on your heart too and give you memories to last a lifetime. xo Jacqueline Hickey @ 02/23/2017, 12:14 pm