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Hi to all SD members! I just recently went on the Bonaire trip this past week and have to say it was a wonderful experience. Like most of us on this trip it was my first experience with SD. Sooo, I certainly didn't know what to expect when I arrived.

I must say that Kamala truly makes these dive trips a time to remember. Everything that goes on behind the scenes so you as the diver does not have to deal with it is absolutely amazing. I cant thank the SD group enough for that.

In regards to the great group of people that was on the trip...It amazes me that when 17 strangers come together on a dive vacation and all are so ready to help one another. It just lends itself to the great dive community that has been assembled. We had a wide range of experience divers on this trip and you would never know it because everyone was looking and helping out where they could.

The boat crew was wonderful. Very good dive masters that took care of us all. The staff at the Divi Resort was also outstanding.

Last but certainly not least the new friends that I made on the trip I cant say enough about. I absolutely look forward to joining these people on another trip. Along with the long lasting friend ships that have been made.

GREAT JOB KAMALA!! You should be proud!! Richone (Todd) @ 02/21/2017, 5:21 am
Hi! I am a new diver and I can't say enough about how wonderfully Kamala organized the Bonaire trip for both safety and fun. The good news is there is plenty to see at less than 60 feet and often no need to even think about going deeper.

With 3 boat dives a day there were plenty of excellent opportunities to see many great fish on the reefs including an incredible moray eel ribboning his way along the coral beside us...truly amazing.

I was initially concerned about going on a diving trip by myself and decided to give the group a try. I was welcomed into the group - both as an older single female and as a new diver. I got the help I needed when I needed it.

Out of the water, I had a great time at lunch, dinner, and daily happy hours with the other divers. There were 3 new divers and 14 very experienced divers across 4 decades in age, yet the group somehow gelled to have a wonderful dive vacation.

I am planning my next trip with now! Donna Thompson @ 02/20/2017, 7:17 am
Hi!!! I'm Ksue but you can call me Karen.

I have a love for the water, on top and underneath. I'm always in awe being surrounded by beauty, peace, and God's gift that nourishes my soul. I get excited about little things. I can't dive anymore as I had a brain aneurysm in May 2011 - what I refer to as a "Brain Fart". It doesn't stop me from going on these trips. Through Single Divers - I have been to Dominica (May 2016) and Little Cayman (September 2016). I'll be going to Roatan with Single Divers in July 2017!

The person that inspires me and I admire is Kamala!!! She's fun, caring, passionate about Single Divers and life in the water!!! We are blessed to have her and Single Divers. Karen Smith @ 01/16/2017, 10:08 am
My only regret about discovering and joining Single Divers is that I didn't discover it and join sooner!! I've been diving on and off since 1985, with various groups, often just making my own arrangements, going alone and "tagging along". But now!!! I found SD a couple of years ago when I was wandering through a dive shop and saw an advertisement for a trip to Fiji. What diver doesn't want to go to Fiji but to arrange it myself - daunting. So I signed up!! Wow!! Epic!! Everything about it was great. Getting there was a great adventure but easy since we were "following the leader". All the arrangements were made, the people on the trip were friendly, great to dive with and Kamala was on top of everything. It was almost like being a kid on a class trip with no worries - but better!! I've been following the website and when I saw that SD was going back to Dominica I didn't hesitate. If it's one of the clubs favorite places, I've got to see it. So I'm practically counting the days till the trip in May and am looking forward to many more trips with SD. CommanderH @ 01/14/2017, 5:37 am
Posted 19 July 2016 - 09:06 PM Libradiver wrote:

Dominica was my first SD trip. I had been eyeing Madives but held off until I know SD was for me. And yes it was! Someone on the trip said how each person had qualities they enjoyed. So true. You could interact with a different person at every opportunity and your life was richer for it. It reminded me of the saying, "Travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you rich." I have booked the Maldives with so much joy and eying more. Thank you Kamala and the people that make SD what it is.

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