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Last August I wrote about my experience with Single Divers after my trip to Roatan. At that time I was planning my bucket list trip to Wakatobi. Now, ten months later, I can say that my Wakatobi trip exceeded my expectations. It was everything SD promised and more. But it doesn't stop there. I just returned from Dominica and I can't wait to go back. The diving was fantastic and once again, I can say that the new people I met were great. It seems wherever we go, the resort people and the dive operators know our group leader, Kamala, and provide our group with extra attention. We always have our own boat and the best dive masters who bring us to the best dive sites. Isn't that what it's all about.
Thanks Kamala and Single Divers.
MizTee Sandra Tulenko, @ 06/19/2016, 5:46 am
There would be more testimonials more often, but most of us are too busy GOING DIVING with SingleDivers.Com. However, I’ve been diving with the group since 2008 and it’s time for me to write something…………

This group really does include all skill levels of diving. Once you fill out the short survey about your diving skills and preferences, you are matched with another diver of similar skills and interests on the first dive day. After a few dives together, you both decide if you want to continue to be dive buddies for the trip or not. One of many great things about this group is the flexibility of finding a dive buddy, or a mini dive group, for whatever type of diving you enjoy. Photographers go slower, new divers might want to stay shallow, some divers prefer to go deep and plan a shorter dive, and there are those of us who actually expect a normal dive to be at least 70 minutes and will still be within all safe diving parameters.

It truly doesn’t matter you don’t know anyone before signing up for a trip. One of the main reasons SingleDivers.Com exists, (besides the obvious to travel and dive), is to AVOID paying the single traveler penalty when going on a group trip. Most of us who travel and dive a lot have been STUCK with a horrid roomie on a dive boat just because we were the solo traveler. Or, if you sign up for a trip thru a local dive shop, they expect you to find/bring your own roomie or you must pay the single penalty. NOT SO with! This is the only dive group that I have found that encourages individual divers to sign up for GREAT dive travel, then will try to match you with a compatible roommate, (who may or may not be your dive buddy). If you and your roomie are not compatible after the first few days, NO PROBLEM, as Kamala will help to find other divers that would be happy to change rooms. Yes, 89% of the time there would be the option for a private room if this is your preference. However, it’s very cool to know that quite a few of the roomies have become good friends.

SingleDivers.Com and Kamala are well-known and respected within the dive industry. This translates into more ‘muscle’ to find great prices for wonderful dive locations that we might not be able to afford if we went there on our own. {Wakatobi, Maldives, Grenada, Bonaire, etc}. Kamala also plans the trip to include such great conveniences as airport transportation, several meals, early booking discounts, and also offers options to arrive a few days early or stay a few days after the trip at a good rate.
This ‘muscle’ is also present during the entire dive trip – if you have a problem with anything or anyone during the trip, just talk to Kamala and she will work to get it fixed/changed/adapted/quarantined. It’s good to have the Owner of the dive group on each trip!

Just to be fair, there are a few things that could be improved. Sometimes it might take a few days to get a reply from Kamala, which usually means that she is currently leading a dive trip overseas and may not have access to the internet for a few days. And, if she’s in the middle of booking our next dive trip, she needs a bit of time to get that done before replying to individual emails. There WILL be a reply, so just be patient.
The new improved online booking system has been marvelous, but as with any new technology there are a few glitches to fix. Kamala has excellent volunteers that are truly creating (and fixing) miracles behind the scenes to help the system run smoothly so we can GO DIVING. The paperwork has to be completed before any trip, but at least with the new booking system we can get it done easily online.

Yes, the previous paragraphs sound like a ‘sales pitch’ for SingleDivers.Com. No problem for you to think this since it’s all true from my personal observations.
To put all of this into my perspective: Later this week SD.Com has a trip to Dominica (May 2016), and it will be my 21st trip (and counting…) with since 2008.

The short version ---

The #1 reason why I return to dive with SD.Com and Kamala is that she makes it so EASY to GO DIVING: great locations, good prices, warm water, and LOTS of diving with a great mix of divers from all over.
The #2 reason, she personally goes on 99% of the dives on each trip. If she is still in the water with us after 70+ minutes, the dive master or boat captain know better than to tell her to surface since she’s the group leader, so we get to dive to the safe limits of our computers.
The #3 reason, thanks mostly to SingleDivers.Com, I will log dive #2,000 in 2017!

LET’S GO DIVING! Susan J Thrasher @ 05/23/2016, 8:36 am
Oh where to start! I've been a member of SingleDivers since 2008 and my first trip was to Bonaire in 2009. That was the first of many trips I've done to some absolutely phenomenal places around the world. The great people I've met have become an integral part of my life. The memories I have from these trips and the dives we did have become a big part of who I am. The rock and roll drift dives in Cozumel, the Blue corner in Palau, dives deep inside WWII shipwrecks in Chuuk, wall dives in Grand Cayman and so many many more. There are a myriad of above water sights as well. the ruins in Chitzin itza, the gun emplacements in Chuuk, the battlefield of Peleliu jump to my mind. All these are great memories. But the People I’ve met on SingleDivers trips are the best of all. I have friends I’ll never forget as a result of the trips I've taken. come on a trip with SD and find some lifelong friends too!! Jerry Smeltzer @ 05/23/2016, 4:25 am
Having been a diver for about 30 years, I have been on numerous dive trips. I have been lucky enough to do some of those trips with family and friends, but the majority were by myself. That left me with the option of paying the single supplement, or taking my chances with the mystery roommate and dive buddy. That has left me with a wide range of experiences, as far as roommates and buddies go. Some good, some OK, and some bad. There have also been a number of trips where I was in a group of 16 or so divers, but I felt as if I was on that trip all alone. I stumbled across Kamala, and her company, a number of years ago while at Beneath the Sea. My dive trips, and diving experiences have changed significantly since then. No more concern for a single supplement, I am regularly matched with roommates and dive buddies that I will happily room and dive with again, and there is always a group feeling on the trips. In an age of most things being internet related in one way or another, this online dive club is wonderful. I have made many new friends, and look forward to many more trips in the future, where I continue to meet new dive buddies. Diver Ed @ 05/22/2016, 2:08 pm
Been a member of SingleDivers for a few years but never was able to get away on a trip...until this year. I was lucky enough to get to cross off one of my "bucket list" dives sites, Truk Lagoon. Not only did SingleDivers arrange a great trip but the group was friendly and willing to pass on their knowledge and experience without making anyone feel self-conscious. The boat, the staff, and the group made a great dive experience into a great life experience. I will definitely do many more SingleDiver trips! ScubaScar @ 05/22/2016, 2:57 am