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Cuba, July 6 - 13, 2019

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$1.00 FULL PRICE per member

2 spots are available

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The actual sign up for this trip is a two part process. YOU MUST DO BOTH PARTS TO BE FULLY SIGNED UP HOWEVER IF YOU CAN ONLY GET ONE PART DONE INITIALLY IT MUST BE THE AGGRESSOR PART to lock in your early booking rebate.

1. You will sign up for a place saver spot in the shopping cart system so you can receive trip correspondence, do your documents and receive your EARLY BOOKING SAVINGS REBATE.


2  You MUST sign up via Aggressor's Oceans for Youth (see link below for full details including step by step directions on how to book) to secure a spot and they must receive a PERSONAL CHECK from you to confirm your sign up by the dates specified in our early booking discounts.


3. All discounts are offered by not Aggressor and will be managed by SAVE UP TO $500 off depending on the trip and the time you sign up.


4. Signing up for the placesaver spot in the system will not hold your spot nor will it put you on the trip but it will show others you are interested and allow us to help you thru the process with Aggressor as well as ensure you get your EARLY BOOKING SAVINGS REBATE.