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In our first 14 years we grew by 10,000+ members, ran over 200 trips, and sold over 4000 awesome vacations


We are the worlds only provider of group trips designed for single or "married but buddyless" divers

We are a travel company NOT a dating site

"Our Hookups are to Tanks"

We run around 18 group trips each year. Individual travel also available.

Members help decide on where to go each year

Domestic, Caribbean, and Indo-Pacific trips are offered every year

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The SurfaceInterval Forums are one of the largest SCUBA communities in the world... with 10,000+ members

All skills levels and questions are welcome and you won't get flamed in our forums

Monthly Happy Hours and meetups countrywide!!!

Here is a list of our upcoming trips over the next couple of years. This summary will change as we add destinations or complete a trip. Click the Details to read more and ask questions about the trip in our forums and then click Book Now to sign up for the trip.   Please contact us if you have any questions and we'd love to see you on one of our trips soon!

NOTE: Discount Codes are listed in the forum threads and must be used at signup.  They cannot be applied after signup!!!







2020 Trips          

Bocas del Toro Panama


Oct 2021 or 2022 from $1800 Rescheduling due to Covid: All Inclusive Bocas Del Toro PANAMA. Excellent diving & see the Panama Canal.First time ever to this new and exciting destination! Details coming soon Details Book Now
2021 Trips So Far ...          

Raja Ampat LANDBASED (Rebooking)


Cozumel "DIVE & GRILL" Check it Out!!

Apr 10-17, 2021 from $1495

All Inclusive We all gotta GO DIVING & GRILLING!!! Cozumel is the ONLY EASY PLACE TO GO ...No fuss No Muss and NO PCR TEST REQUIRED!!! So let's go Diving & JOIN THE SCUBA CHEF LEARNING WORLD CLASS MEAT/FISH GRILLING & SMOKING TIPS FROM THE PROS!!  Super Cool Cooking & Grilling Tips for EVERYONE including "Grill Magic", "Easy Keto" and some of the BEST diving in FABULOUS COZUMEL!! Tons of spotted eagle rays, sharks, free swimming eels, splendid toad fish and so much more! Let's Get Wet!!!

Details Book Now

Bahamas TIGER BEACH & West End Liveaboard


April 24 - May 1, 2021 from $2795

SHARKS ON STEROIDS = Tigers & Lemons & Silkies & Reef & MORE! Join us on the Bahamas Aggressor. This is a TOP OF THE LIST SHARK TRIP! Limited spots on this unique trip! Don't Miss this one. Its the FIRST TIME we've ever done TIGER BEACH!!!  See the options below:

    • Diving = Apr 24 - May 1, 2021
    • Transfer + Diving = Some may arrive early to facilitate flights and luggage arrival
    • Tours + Transfer + Diving = Some may early to do some Bahamas sightseeing and/or tours


Socorro Expeditions on Nautilus Explorer


May 27 - June 4, 2021 from $2995

Join us on Nautilus Explorer in SPETACULAR SOCORRO!   See GIANT Mantas...some of the largest in the world and sooooooooo FRIENDLY!! Not to mention Massive bait balls and sooooooooo many SHARKS!  Tours avail before and/or after.



 Red Sea Grand Sea Explorer Liveaboard  June 17-24 2021  from $1895  

RAVING RED SEA! You gotta SEA it to Believe It+ EGYPT TOURS including the Pyramids, Luxor, Museums, & MORE!!!!  You can also just transfer to the boat. See the options below:

    •     Diving = Jun 17-24, 2021
    •     Transfer + Diving = Jun 15-25, 2021
    •     Tours + Transfer + Diving = Jun 9-25, 2021
    •     Land Tour Only Jun 9-17, 2021
 Details  Book Now
NC Wreck & Shark Diving July 21-26, 2021 from $1065 Come dive the GRAVEYARD of the ATLANTIC for amazing Wrecks & Sharks in Morehead City NC Details Book Now
Bonaire August 7-14, 2021 from $1289 SUMMER MADNESS @ Divi Flamingo & Big Blue Dive Lights! 100% Marine Park Protected reefs and fab shore diving! Details Book Now
 DEMA - Las Vegas DIVE PROS ONLY  November 16-19, 2021  Dive Pros Only  WILL HAVE AN AREA HAPPY HOUR for locals who wish to come and meet us Details  
Dominica Nov 20 - 27, 2021 from $1500 DARLING DOMINICA landbased Ft Young November 20 - 27
Details Coming Soon Coming Soon
Dominica  Nov 27-Dec 4, 2021  from $1500  DARLING DOMINICA landbased Ft Young November 27 - December 4  Details Coming Soon
 Coming Soon
2022 Trips So Far ...          
Raja Ampat and/or Banda Sea Liveaboard 2022 or 2023 from $7422

RAJA and/or BANDA SEA EXTRAORDINAIRE!! The dates are being *RESCHEDULED* to do COVID.  We will do either Raja Raja or Raja & Banda Sea. We can fly via Bali or Dubai to break up the trip on the way there. DETAILS coming soon

1 Master Cabin D/O MALE ONLY

Details Book Now
Raja Ampat and/or Banda Sea Liveaboard 2022 or 2023 from $7422

RAJA and/or BANDA SEA EXTRAORDINAIRE!! The dates are being *RESCHEDULED* due to COVID.  We will do either Raja Raja or Raja & Banda Sea. We can fly via Bali or Dubai to break up the trip on the way there.  DETAILS coming soon

Details Book Now

Galapagos Liveaboard


April 16-23, 2022 from $6,895

GALAPAGOS ON STEROIDS + Mola Molas + Swimming Iguanas + HammerHeads & MORE! Join us on Explorer Venture's Fab New Boat. This is a TOP OF THE BUCKET LIST TRIP! Limited spots on this luxurious boat!  We will OPTIONAL TOURS before and after to ensure you don't miss the boat and see the amazing land animals and culture too!

Details SOLD OUT
Philippines Liveaboard TBD TBD Tubbataha & Best of Philippines - CUSTOM Itinerary! coming soon coming soon
2023 Trips So Far ...          

Cocos Liveaboard

Sep 23-Oct 3, 2023 from $5699 Rescheduled due to Covid NOW Sep 23-Oct 3, 2023:   IT's HAMMER TIME!!! Hammerheads that is & Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! Join us on the Aggressor Liveaboard for this amazing "Bucket List Trip". (We will reopen this trip with new booking specials so stay tuned and email to be notified when it opens) Details Coming Soon
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All Trips Include

  • We deal with the resort
  • Pay us in US Dollars
  • Happy Hour
  • Tee-Shirt
  • Airport transfers at destination
  • Compatible roommate
  • Lots of new friends!!!

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